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i'm on star level 5, but i dont know what to do in the high lands for Marie. i look in the friend book but it says, "Tourism has increased some more, and you are to help even more with the maitenance of the highlands." i go around and change the stuff there and i have a silver trophy on paragliding. what do i do now? And i need help in the forest with Foster. In the friend book it says, "The forest is becoming more of an appealing place! The number of usable items has increased!" yeah, i went there too and changed most (pretty much all) of the stuff to trees, because he said that the animals like it. and when i talk to him and Marie it says that the Forest/Highlands can't get any better. What do i do now!!! also, WHO IS OLIVIA'S SECRET SUPPLIER!!!??? do i get to meet them or WHAT! and do i get to meet Helen's niece that is the mayor of another town, i forgot her niece's name. PLEASE HELP ME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! thank-u!!!!:)

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