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aug 29, 2010Pokemon Soul Silver [ NDS ]   Unsubmitted

can someone make an action replay code that gives me a lvl 100 squrtle non shiny and its moves are skullbash, iron defence, hidro cannan, and hidro blast, and can you make me a bulbasour lvl 100 non shiny that knows razorleaf, vinewhip, grassknot, and wood hammer or what ever its called, a charizard that knows fly, blast burn, flamethrougher, flareblits, and is non shiny, a butterfree lvl 100 non shiny that knows sleep powder, poison powder, tailwind, and bugbuzz, a pigeoto lvl 100 non shiny that knows gust, wing attack, mirror move, and air slash. you can do any thing you want with stats and NO POKERUS. with pokesav and try to make it as short as possible

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