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by sdan12 Jul 09, 2012

Temple Run is an iPhone/iPod game. It's so ***, pointless, and simple that it's so addicting! All your doing is running through a Temple while there are a bunch of crazy monkeys chasing you. There are seven characters to choose from. You have a normal explorer at the beginning of the game and with the coins you get during the runs, you can upgrade to different characters including female explorers and even a football star! You can also upgrade for other power-ups such as wings that sav...


by Philosophira Mar 26, 2012

I've been searching for this kind of game for ages, and finally, I found it! This massive online multiplayer role playing game can take you away to another world, a virtual world in your iPhone, where you meet new friends, have lots of dramas in your Graal life, make yourself famous, ask for advice, etc etc etc...Practically a virtual world full of danger, adventure, and gossip XD!!!! I started as a (almost bald) fella named 'Player' on Balamb Island, but found out how to turn my...


by homer1 Feb 07, 2011

The best game on iPhone! angry birds!! I have not literally put it down i was so tired in the morning when i did half of a world instead of going to sleep You say your going to play for 5 mins and your there for like an hour and a half well worth 59p. some levels are EXTREMELY hard, if found 2 golden eggs wich is secret eggs found in levels to unlock extra levels, anyway I love the game im on 3-2 i have realy run out of charecters! zxsertefvbjhmkl;'fgdbflkj dnsfsdkhgkdshihudfdfhdfhf jhdjsdg...


by graystar70 Aug 13, 2010

This game may be harmless at first, but soon you'll find yourself being that green little alien that jumps. You have the propeller, jet-pack, spring, and rocket power-ups, but they only last a few seconds. There are some monsters you can defeat, and there are 7 levels (so far) (this game gets updated a lot so it might change). This is by far nothing like an Role-Playing fighting game, just a classic arcade game you would play at a pizza place (except its with you on the go, on your iPhone i...