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by Udoxas Oct 10, 2016

inFAMOUS 2 is my favorite game of all time. It's a PS3 exclusive and since I love it so much, I decided to review it and share my thoughts on the game. I got this game a while ago, around 2012, and I've done 4 playthroughs of it so far. While this is probably the best out of the series, you may want to start with the first game to follow with the story. You can buy the inFAMOUS Collection which comes with both games, and all DLC including a non-canon standalone game using the inFAMOUS ...


by ktourtillott2 Mar 20, 2013

HEAVY RAIN is a fantastic game, I got it on my eleventh birthday. I really prefer HEAVY RAIN i was only playing on my other game i got on my birthday, then my friend Keyuntae was playing it i watched him and as soon as he left I jumped on my bed and started plying it and i thought it was cool. Oh ya, kids under age 10 please be advised that there is sexual nudity in this game and there is no censored option. And this game is only available for the PS3, not the Xbox 360. So if your intrested and ...


by pokemaster465 Jul 14, 2011

I have been a fan of Duke for a long time. Even though its been 12 years, he is back to kick some alien butt. I have seen and read many reviews over this game, and i disagree with a lot of them. The game has good humor, and is very fun. There also aren't as many problems that I saw. The game also gives many references to other games like [SPOILERS] Portal: companion barrel anyone? Halo: Green power armor Mario: giant pig throwing barrels any ways the game is fun and exciting you can be...


by platinummaster8 Apr 07, 2011

Modern Warfare 2 is Infinity Ward's first person shooter set in modern times with very entertaining gameplay. Although it doesn't compare to Call of Duty 4 it is still a very good game. Modern Warfare 2's campaign is split into 3 acts and you play as more than one character, like in any other Call of Duty game. This game certainly tops World at War and all other but Call of Duty 4. The graphics are really good in Modern Warfare 2(MW2) performing really smoothly. I say that MW2 is...


by platinummaster8 Apr 05, 2011

Bioshock 2 is set in the once great underwater city of Rapture. The events in Bioshock 2 take place 10 years after the vents of Bioshock. The stroy line has changed a lot and one of the biggest changes is that instead of being a puny human on a lot of drugs you are now a powerhouse, you are a Biig Daddy. You have different weapons from the first Bioshock, like then signature Big Daddy weapon, the drill. Another big change is that you can melee instead of having to switch to the wrench and you ca...


by platinummaster8 Apr 04, 2011

What an outstanding job Treyarch have done with this game. Black Ops is brilliant from it's campaign to zombies to multiplayer. Also there is other mini-games that you can play via the computer at the main menu. Extra features make this a contender for the best Call of Duty title. As I said this game was made by Treyarch, the same people who made World at War. Nazi Zombies is now just called Zombies. The campaign is different to the other campaigns with a fight for chemical weapons involve...


by Bkstunt_31 Feb 08, 2011

I'll be honest: I never played the first Two Worlds when I started this game. But since I'm being honest I DID read about it, and from every source I turned to I saw nothing but endless criticism for Two Worlds. You may have too, and so its understandable to be a little... hesitant when it comes to Two Worlds II. Well, that's why I'm here, to give you an overview about what you can expect from Two Worlds II? Does it follow in its predecessors' footsteps, or does it blaz...