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by god_of_games Aug 08, 2011

the star wars series are very popular like the sims or assassin'screed or battle field.but not like them cause the star wars genre is just one,and that's that's self!!!we hadn't any space game like this. we had, but they weren't interestful.we had many space games but no body like them.and we're all gonna buy,play,injoy and finish star wars series.this is star wars battle front II for psp console..a cool graphics star wars film voices.and many sectors and caracters ...


by StarlightRush1 Aug 08, 2011

Personal Opinion: I'm highly biased to the fact I love this game. The final boss is just the icing on the cake for me, for those who haven't reached it yet, keep going, you'll soon understand. Final Bosses aside, game outlives most games I've played, I'd hardly say this is a play and sell game: Not in a long shot. It's not a pick-up-and-play either. For me: It's currently dominating my PSP. I'll try to get out of the addiction but it's so difficult I ...


by cheesetoast8 Jul 29, 2011

this is the first game i bought for my PSP, and it is pretty awesome. it has lots of maps, some of them are almost exactly the same as they are in Star Wars battlefront 2. i love the fact that u can customize your soldier, including your weapons and stuff. the gameplay is fun and easy, a bit too easy if u ask me, i think that the auto pilot feature is unnecessary, for it just sucks the challenge out, and the controls are super confusing compared to that of the first 2 SWB games. overall, this is...


by cheatsguru64thesims Mar 28, 2011

Hello friendly of CheatsGuru, Today I will talk about this great game, The Sims 2 Pets. This game came out in Spain on October 19, 2006. This game is available for the following consoles: Play Station 2, Game Cube, Play Station Portable, GameBoy Advance and Nintendo Ds. The Sims 2 Pets, which allows us to create the perfect pet for our sims, you can choose between cats, dogs, birds, tropical fishes, and hamsters. It also brings new objects such as dog houses, cages for parrots, pictures and more...


by StarlightRush1 Oct 04, 2010

The Game known as "Kingdom Hearts Birth By Sleep" Is a fantastic, amazing out of this world game! And anyone who disagrees either hasn't played it or doesn't know pure game talent when it hits their PSP screens! I bought this game on the day it was released and for 72 hours (According to my Trinity records) I have been addicted to this game! It started off with me being gob-smacked at the cover. It was Shiny!! And when you get a shiny game cover - you know your in for a treat...


by cheatsguru64thesims Oct 01, 2010

Hi world, I am going to show you ten things that you have to know about this game. You have to survive!, hahaha... everybody knows that, but use your mind and investigate the best places to survive, like a cave or a cavern where there are materials and water to survive. Find food, the best places to find it are in the ocean and in the jungle. Build a refuge, it does not have to be enormous, is enough that it protects you from rain. The necessary in a refuge is a bed, bonfire and to be near a pl...