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by DarkCharizard Nov 11, 2010

Well in this game you start off as master chief, and you were put in a sleep, but when you wake up, you are put through some training, but right in the middle of your training, you were stopped, and you need to fallow the captain, and when you fallow him, you end up seeing all your team mates being killed. Then you get your Magnum and that is were the gun begins. This game was so much fun that it was elected the best One player shooting game of year! and when you play this game you fell like you...


by DarkCharizard Nov 03, 2010

Halo 2, was a great sequel to Number 1. In this game it was way better than Number 1 because you are able to Duel-Wield two weapons at a time, and the game gets more interesting, because the story continues where you left off in Number 1. There is way more Aliens in this game like the ones that fly, and the Hunters, are more stronger than usual. The flood is way more intelligent than Number 1 because they sneak up on you, and try to get your men, and you. The thing that made this game really awe...


by ziko Sep 28, 2010

This game is very fun. If you love blowing up friends you have chosen the perfect game. the games story mode is not long at all and finishes quickly but the weapons are hard to get and the opponent is usually has the better weapons. The 2 player mode is better because they give you battle fields you do not get Also the weapons your opponent has is the ones you get so you do not get to use your own weapons. The graphics are war like and therefore do not make any bright colors that bright, The sou...


by ziko Sep 27, 2010

This game is not the best of all games but it is one of the best in it's age .In the xbox its a bit weird to play it because i do not play my x box a lot. The graphics are fairly nice and the sound fits perfectly with ever angle in the game.The game play is scrwed up at the end because there are not enough charecters to keep you from getting bored with them. That aside though it is good .Not the best but good. If i had a picture of this game that worked i would put it here but i dont have h...


by ziko Sep 23, 2010

This game is very close to the classics but you have 2 partners with you and 4 story modes to pick from with tons of mini games and other stuff like mini films.The story modes are to choose depending on how hard you want it to be and what places you want to go to.For hard ones pick the team with shadow for the normal ones pick team sonic for the kid of hard ones pick team chaotic and for easy ones pick team amy.So that the modes for now and after this there is actually nothing else to say but i ...