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Code - Walk/run/bycicle anywhere and some other codes

For the walk through walls cheat press R+B to activate press L+B to deactivate it.For the hover cheat it only does it when you run.For the run from battle just run from trainer battle.(these are all tested and work)trust me I am not a liar and these are for U.S. version only.

94000130 FCFD0200walk/run/bycicle through walls
12060C20 00000200walk/run/bycicle through walls
D2000000 00000000walk/run/bycicle through walls
94000130 FCFD0100walk/run/bycicle through walls
12060C20 00001C20walk/run/bycicle through walls
D2000000 00000000walk/run/bycicle through walls
62101D40 00000000Hover
B2101D40 00000000Hover
10023986 00000F0FHover
D2000000 00000000Hover
9224BBA2 00002101run from battle
1224BBA2 00002100run from battle
D2000000 00000000run from battle
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