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Super Smash Bros. Brawl
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Secret - How to unlock Jigglypuff, Wolf, and Toon Link

jigglypuff- after beating subspace emissary, go back to "the swamp". keep going until you reach the place with cannons over water, jigglypuffs door is somewhere up there

wolf- after beating subspace emissary, go back to "the ruins". keep going until you reach the place with crystals sticking out of the walls, at the bottom, you'll find wolfs door

toon link- after beating subspace emissary, go back to "the forest" and you'll find toon links door soon after arriving

this is a redo of my unlockable cheats, they were cut off fro some reason. all their doors will be kinda obvious since they werent there b4. you'll need to beat these characters in a fight to let them join. you can fight them as much as you want (i had a hard time with toon link), good luck and please dont rate me down anymore

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Easter Egg - Super Smash Bros. Fun Facts!

This isn't a cheat or anything, but they are facts you probably might not have known before! Check them out! Nowhere else can you find this info!

-Jigglypuff and Mr. Game and Watch have, virtually, the exact same weight!

-Kirby, Ike, and Squirtle have the exact same running speed!

-Mario, ROB, Bowser, Ivysaur, and Lucas have the exact same running speed!

-Kirby's dash attack is almost like a breakdancing move, but Jigglypuff's dash attack is the exact same as Kirby in Smash Bros. 64.

-Kirby's side-special (The hammer.) in the air is a good recovery move when knocked to the side of the stage.

-ROB's Up-special surp***es Zelda's Up-special, making ROB the new best recoverer in the game.

-Every playable character in Brawl has been in at least two games. (Except for ROB, who had two models of products in the USA.)

-Every Mario Stage in the Smash Bros. Series is a hint for a new Mario game. (Think about it! SSB64: Mushroom Kingdom, the remake was on Gameboy Advance. Or SSBM: Rainbow Cruise, "Super Mario 64 DS". Meaning they might make a remake of Super Mario Sunshine on the next generation handheld.)

-Pit, Sonic, Snake, ROB, and Mr. Game and Watch can all attack still in the air after using their Recovery move!

-Lucario's special game mechanic of being stronger with a higher damage percent actually stops once he's reach 130%. Basically, you want to keep him in a 100 to 180 range before you'll be in trouble without benefits.

-The song "Luigi Circuit" isn't actually the right one. If you have actually played Mario Kart 64, it's really Wario's Stadium! Nintendo has messed up big time! (V_V)

-Fox falls slower if you continuously use his refelector in the air.

-Just like Peach's Down-Special, King Dedede occasionally (Yet rarely.) throws other things besides Waddle Dees, Waddle Doos, and Gordos when he does his Side-Special! Such as Mr. Saturns, Capsules, Stickers (Weird yet true, seen it once happen.), and other things.

-A metal character is actually heavier than Bowser!

-Mr. Game and Watch, Toon Link, Zero Suit Samus, Sonic, and Sheik all have aerial smashes that make them fly downwards.

-The reason the Hanenbow stage doesn't have a music option is because there really isn't any music. Just the sound of an Orchestra getting ready is the only music you hear. The music is the Electroplankton bopping the leaves as you fight. You can alter the pitch as well, so basically, Hanenbow has the most sounds out of any of the stages!

-Even though the Electroplankton, Animal Crossing, and Nintendo DS stages have icons, there are no fighters with those symbols...

-Only one of each item can be on the screen at the time:

Smash Ball (A bit obvious...)

Dragoon Part A

Dragoon Part B

Dragoon Part C

An a.ssist Trophy (That would be a little too hectic in a match if there was more than one character at a time! O_O)

-The reason only 3 Pokemon can be on the screen at a time is because in Melee, pokemon ganging up on people was a little unfair. Even though its not as fun, 3 pokemon is already enough in Brawl to kill somebody!

Test my fun facts out! They are all correct! Rate! Do you have any idea how much research it takes to compile all of this?!

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Unlockable - Secret Stages

Additional to the secret characters, there are secret stages as well.

Unlockable:How to unlock:
75MPlay 20 Versus matches using Donkey Kong.
Big Blue (Melee)Play 10 Versus matches using Captain Falcon.
Flat Zone 2Unlock the secret character Mr Game & Watch.
Green Greens (Melee)Play 20 Versus matches using Kirby.
Green Hill ZoneUnlock the secret character Sonic the Hedgehog.
HanenbowComplete the single-player Event 28 (Flower Blooms in the Echoes).
Jungle Japes (Melee)Play on Melee stages 10 times.
Luigi's MansionPLay 3 Versus matches with Luigi.
Mario BrosComplete the single-player Event 19 (Wario Bros).
Pirate ShipUnlock the secret character Toon Link.
Pokemon Stadium (Melee)Play on Pokemon Stadium 2 10 times.
Spear PillarComplete the single-player Event 25 (The Aura is With Me).
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Easter Egg - Character Conversations

Tap the D-pad down while using the following characters in the appropriate stages to trigger mid-battle conversations:

Fox/Falco: Lylat Cruise, Corneria (Melee stage)

Wolf: Lylat Cruise

Snake: Shadow Moses Island

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Easter Egg - Somewhat Useless Facts (2)

More Somewhat Useless Facts! :D

You probably knew all of this already, but...Here goes.

-Toon Link doesn't kick

-Luigi's Final Smash is a major "WTF?" moment


-You can hit people with Luigi's Down Taunt

-Only blue Pikmin can swim. All the others die

-Kirby is the easiest character to use

-Without Pikmin, Olimar can't even throw

-Marth's sword, Falchion, does more damage from the tip

-If you use a move too much, the move gets weaker

-Sometimes, the Golden Hammer is actually the Squeaky Hammer, which does no damage at all

Yeah. That's all there is. For now. (I might make a third.)

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Glitch - Final Smash

Ok, so you know the glitch when you're Jigglypuff and you go into the spot when the Hyrule Bridge is coming back and then you change yourself into the Giant Jigglypuff? Well You Can Do Stuff Like That With Many Other People If You Time It At Just The Right Time.

If You're Using R.O.B, use his Final Smash just when the bridge is coming back. He Will Be Invincible And The Laser Things Will Still Be Popping Out And Can Hurt People. Sometimes If You Do It At A Different Time He Will Just Be Invincible But the Lasers won't work. If you want them to work, just use the B down attack and the laser will come back a little (Might not work sometimes). I Tried With Other People Too But Nothing Happened. I Might Just Not Be Timing it at the right time so maybe one of you can try it too.

Anyways, Thank You ^_^.

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Secret - Random Fact Compilation

Lucas's PSI MAgnet (↓+B), is actually an offensive move if the opponent is inside the bubble when you end it.

Ness's PSI Magnet (↓+B) pushes nearby opponents away.

In battle, to turn into Zero Suit Samus, press down taunt, up taunt, down, up, etc. You must do this fast. (Game Cube Controller instructions.)

Once you have performed the Giga Jigglypuff glitch, have Yoshi use its B on Jigglypuff. Once Jigglypuff comes out, she'll be even bigger!

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Secret - Random Facts

Meta Knight's ↓+B move, if you hold down B, is an attack. When you don't hold down B, it's just to get you farther to places.

Zero Suit Samus's ↓+B allows her to get an extra jump. If you press B in the air again, she'll kick.

Diddy Kong's Side+B can be used in another way. In air, if you press B, Diddy will kick.

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Secret - Meteor Smashes

Meteor Smashes are an effective technique, that, once contact has been made, causes the victim player to be sent flying downwards. They are most useful if you use them when attacking a recovering opponent. Some examples of these are Wolf's Aerial+↓+A, and Toon Link's Aerial+↓+A, but Toon Link's send himself flying downwards as well. So take caution, as some characters risk losing a life when a Metoer Smash is performed. Test some characters to see if you can find some Meteor Smashes, then use it to your advatage!

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Secret - K.K Slider Concert

K.K. Slider Concert

If you play any kind of Brawl on the "Smashville" Animal Crossing stage when your Wii's internal clock is set to a Saturday between the hours of 8:00 PM and midnight, K.K. "Totakeke" Slider will appear in the background of the stage and serenade your brawl.

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Secret - Some Facts 3 Part 2

It's about time I found more facts

-Pit's gliding counts as an Up-B.

-Kirby was useless in Melee, but now he's useful.

- Almost all of the original twelve (The twelve characters that appeared in all Super Smash Bros. games.) still have their taunts from the N64. These are the characters:

Mario: Up Taunt

Link: Down Taunt

Kirby: Down Taunt

Pikachu: Side Taunt

Yoshi: Down Taunt

Samus: Up Taunt (It looks similar in Brawl)

Jigglypuff: Up Taunt

Ness: Up Taunt

Captain Falcon: Down Taunt

Fox lost his N64 Taunt.

-Link lost his hold attack.

-Mr. Game & Watch's side B can attack with nine different elements.

- You can stand on the top of the iceberg of the Ice Climbers' Final Smash.

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Secret - Some Facts 4

Some Facts 4 will be just about victory themes.

-Meta Knight's victory theme is different because Kirby and King Dedede's victory theme doesn't suit him.

-Sonic's victory theme came from Sonic the Hedgehog (2006).

-Captain Falcon lost his N64 and Melee victory theme, so he got a new one. The same goes for Mr. Game & Watch.

-Snake and Mr. Game & Watch's victory themes sound similar by the beat of the music.

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Unlockable - How to unlock characters

In the game there are many characters and here is how to get some of them but took link jigglypuff and wolf you can only get once you've completed the game note: doesn't have to be

a 100% just as long as you've defeated tabuu the big blue guy

most of them you can get just by completing subspace or do somewhat brawl matches.

sonic you can also get by leaving a brawl match on overnight

by the way hope it helps i'm oliedude and I don't no if anyone has sumbitted this cheat

sonicwhen you beat tabuu and he will come along and join your team
toon linkgo back to the jungle and go in the first door you see
jigglypuffgo back to the swamp and go to the water then in the red door
wolfgo back to the ruins and complete it you can be any character
ness5 brawl matches or make him join you in subspace emisary
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Glitch - Rocking Kirby

Go to the Pictochat stage using Kirby and any other character. Go to the far right of the stage with the slant with Kirby and use his down-special move so he can turn into an object. He should be moving left and right on the stage and make some kind of shaking earthquake. If it doesn't work try again. When Kirby turns back into himself, the earthquake stops.

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Unlockable - Some Rare Trophies

* Ancient Minister - Complete the Subspace Emissary

* Apples - Clear Target Smash Level One

* Ashley Robbins - Play one hundred hours of Brawl

* Ashnard - Clear Target Smash Level Three with ten characters

* Baby Peach - Acquire any five-hundred trophies

* Ballyhoo & Big Top - Unlock any seventy-five songs

* Banana Peel - Get ten max combos in Training Mode

* Birdo - Clear All-Star Mode on Hard difficulty

* Blast Box - Clear Target Smash Level Two with every character

* Blue Alloy - Clear the 100-Man Brawl with every character

* Bumper - Hit 15,000 total feet in Home Run Contest Mode

* Cardboard Box - Clear Target Smash Level Four in under thirty-two seconds

* Combo Cannon - Clear Target Smash Level Five un under thirty seconds

* Cracker Launcher - Get 1,000 KOs in Brawl

* Creeping Chrysanthemum - Collect every character's trophy

* Crazy Hand - Clear Classic Mode on Intense difficulty

* Dark Cannon - Clear Boss Battle Mode on Hard difficulty

* Dr. Eggman - Collect any five hundred different stickers

* Dyna Blade - Clear All-Star Mode on Very Hard difficulty

* Excitebikes - Collect every masterpiece demo

* Franklin Badge - Find Ness in Subspace Emissary

* Galleom (Tank Form) - Clearr Boss Battle Mode on Intense difficulty

* Gekko - Clear All-Star Mode with any ten characters

* Golden Hammer - Hit 45,000 total feet in Home Run Contest Mode

* Gray Fox - Clear Target Smash Level Five with every character

* Green Alloy - Survive a fifteen minute Brawl

* Gulliver - Get 2,000 KOs in Brawl

* Halberd - Clear Event #3

* Hocotate Ship - Find in Subspace Emissary stage Outer Ancient Ruins

* Home-Run Bat - Hit at least 1,500 feet in Home Run Contest Mode

* Jyk - Clear Boss Battle Mode with any twenty characters

* K.K. Slider - Collect every song

* Kapp'n - Reach 300 feet of swimming distance with all characters

* King K. Rool - Clear Target Smash Level Four with every character

* Kyle Hyde - Clear All-Star Mode with every character

* Master Hand - Clear Classic Mode with any twenty characters

* Mewtwo - Clear All-Star Mode on Intense difficulty

* Musketeer Daltania - Clear Target Smash Level Four with any ten characters

* Ouendan - Get four hundred combined max combos with every character in Training Mode

* Outset Link - Clear Target Smash Level Five with any ten characters

* Palutena - Clear Event #4

* Palutena's Bow - Clear Target Smash Level One in under fifteen seconds

* Paper Mario - Clear Classic Mode with every character

* Party Ball - Play five hundred hours of Brawl

* Peanut Popgun - Clear Target Smash Level Two

* Pellets - Clear Target Smash Level Two with ten characters

* Pichu - Clear All-Star Mode without using continues

* Pitfall - Clear the 100-Man Brawl

* Plusle & Minun - Collect every character's final smash trophy

* Porky Statue - Clear Boss Battle Mode on Very Hard difficulty

* Ray MK III - Clear Target Smash Level Three in under twenty seconds

* Red Alloy - Defeat five enemies in Cruel Brawl Mode

* Red Pikmin - Clear Event #14

* Rocketbarrel Pack - Clear Target Smash Level Four

* Sandbag - Use every character in Home Run Contest Mode

* Shadow Bugs - Clear Boss Battle Mode on Normal difficulty

* Shy Guy - Hit 30,000 total feet in Home Run Contest Mode

* Silver - Clear Target Smash Level Three with every character

* Smash Coins - Play ten Coin Matches

* Stafy - Clear Target Smash Level One with any ten characters

* Stickers - Collect every sticker

* Striker Mario - Defeat Classic Mode on Very Hard difficulty

* Subspace Bomb - Clear Boss Battle Mode on Easy difficulty

* Subspace Gunship - Clear Boss Battle Mode with any ten characters

* Super Scope - Clear Target Smash Level One with every character

* Tabuu (Wings) - Clear Boss Battle Mode with every character

* Tails - Reach 30,000 feet of walking with all characters

* Timer - Play thirty hours of Brawl

* Tom Nook - Collect 1,000 coins in Coin Matches

* Walky - Unlock any fifty songs

* Wario Bike - Clear Target Smash Level Three

* Xananab - Hit 24,000 total feet in Home Run Contest Mode

* Yellow Alloy - Defeat one-hundred enemies in Endless Brawl Mode

I hope this helps! You can get 1 (each) of all of those trophies.

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