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Super Mario Sunshine
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Cheats - Various Cheats

Here are some cheats/Glitches i found while fooling around.

Glitch 1:Under Delfino Plaza: get turbo nozzle.Go to the crate near the "Teleporter" to Noki go in the water under the crate.Turbo nozzle right to the wall. mario shouldnt "BUMP" into it.go right under the crate and JUMP!sometimes youll be in the crate,so head for the wall.Wen youre under,Keep jumping or die!

Glitch 2 "Inside" a boat:Whatever way, Get under water walking.Go to a boat.go behind it,pushing a "Wall". At some point,ull be under get inthe middle and BACKFLIP (Or SPIN JUMP!) and youll be in the crates on the boat.

Glitch 3:Inside a durian (you know those kickable things? thats a durian)

ok this is probably the easiest glitch EVER! to get inside a durian, simply ground pound it.OR kick it to a corner and run at the wall.(Keep Running!) then it will go insideyou,spinning.

Glitch 4:The Turbo Nozzle Spray:Ok this is not so hard.have turbo nozzle.switch to spray nozzle.hold R button.keep holding it,andstill holding R press x. you should be spraying with turbo nozzle!

Glitch 5:I call it "Halfway there".

this is yet another easy glitch.Get Turbo nozzle. Go to Gelato beach.once there go to the spot near ricco harbor you cant pass. ok now use turbo will break thru this wall, but then theres a wall that u REALLY cant pass.This works at some other spots too

Glitch 6:Under Pianta village:

Go to any nighttime episode in PiantA go to the end of the river.there will be water still going out the end.hover to should be "Swimming". now press B twice(or was it three times??) you should safely make it under Pianta Village.Ps the only way out is to press start and exit.


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Unlockable - Some secret Shine Sprites

Hey guys. Here are some secret Shine Sprites on Delfino Plaza:

Shine SpriteWhen you get the rocket nozzle, fly up to the top of the lighthouse, and then fly up again and do ground pound.
Shine SpriteWhen you get the rocket nozzle, fly up to the top of each bell building and clean each bell.
Shine SpriteOn the deserted island by the lighthouse, you may see a yellow/gold bird. Squirt it three times one right after another, and you'll get a shine sprite.
Shine SpriteWhen you get the rocket nozzle, fly up to the Shine Sprite tower, and clean the shine sprite.
Shine SpriteWhen you get the turbo nozzle, stand in front of the Bianco Hills statue, turn left, and run into the little door. If you go by the little door, you'll hear the shine sprite noise.
Shine SpriteCollect ten (10) blue coins from any area and trade them in in the building where Ricco Harbor is.
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