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Super Mario RPG: Legend of the Seven Stars
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Secret - First Music






I did this since the Do Re stuff is a bit confusing.

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Easter Egg - Original Mario

Im Booster Tower, you'll eventually come to a room with stairs going up, and two curtains to the left, connected to the wall and a pillar. Go through one of the curtains, come out the other sidee, and you'll have the original Mario look as well as a change of music.

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Secret - Sunken Ship password

In case you either don't want to get all the hints, or you just can't piece it together, the password is PEARLS.

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Secret - Hint Person

Enter "Mushroom Kingdom", go up two fligts of stairs, then immediately go left, so you're in the hidden part behind a building. Keep going left, and there'll be a person that you can't see, but will give you hints.

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Secret - Real life references

There are a few people in this game that have names extremely similar to some people in real life. A couple are...

Frogfuscius- A reference to Confuscius, a philosopher.

Toadofsky- A reference to Jachofsky, a musical composer.

Magellean- A reference to Magellan, who was the first to circumnavigate the world or something.

If I find any more, I'll be sure too contribute them as well.

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Secret - Third Music

Ok, I noticed that my second music thing wasn't accepted, so let's just hope this one does...

For the third music thing with Toadofsky, you get the soprano Card in order to get something new at the tadpole store. Here is a diagram of how the tadpoles should be arranged:






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Secret - Build Levels Easily

First, go to an area with a treasure box containing a star. Make sure you save somewhere close to the area. Now, get the star and hit as many enemies as you can. Then, die in battle and you return to where you saved with all your EXP! You can repeat the trick until you get your levels to where you want them.

Credit goes to:

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Secret - Rare Item Shop

After you rescue Dyna & Mite, the man from the mine opens an item shop. At different points in the game, he finds new items. He can sell you a Lucky Jewel, Mystery Egg, and Frying Pan. The Frying Pan may sound useless, but it's actually Toadstool's best weapon.

Credit goes to:

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Secret - Star Wishes

On Star Hill, you can find some stars with a face on them. If you talk to them, you read someone's wish. Most of them come from characters in the game like Mallow, Croco, and Belome. There is also one with Mario's brother, Luigi! (Luigi's wish is that he could be a great plumber like his brother, Mario.)

Credit goes to: Except for the part in parentheses.

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Secret - Lazy Shell Weapon & Lazy Shell Armor

The gardener in Rose Town is looking for the legendary "Seed" and "Fertilizer". You can get the Fertilizer once you beat Valentina. Go to the far right of the town, and you can walk off the ground. Talk to the Shy Away and he gives you the item. You can get the Seed once you beat Megasmilax. Read the piece of paper that floated down and take the Seed. Now go to Rose Town, and go past the Item Shop to the gardener's house. Give him the items and he grows a beanstalk. Climb up to get the Lazy Shell weapon for Mario and the Lazy Shell armor for anybody!

Credit goes to:

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Easter Egg - Nintendo Characters Sleeping

Link Catching Some Z's

Sleep at the Inn at Rose Town. When Mario wakes up, Link is there sleeping! He doesn't talk to you, but if you try, the game plays a familiar Zelda sound.

Samus Catching Some Z's

Check out the Guest Room in the Mushroom Kingdom Castle after getting the 5th Star (She only appears at this time. If you try to progress too much further in the game, she'll be gone)

Credit goes to:

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Secret - Three Must Fear's Flag Locations

When you rest in the bed at Monstro Town, they play a game with you called "Find the Flag". Each of them hides a flag somewhere. And here are the locations.

#1 : Find it under Mario's bed at Mario's Pad.

#2 : This one is behind the wooden flower at Rose Town.

#3 : Find it between the O and A in the word GOAL at Yo'ster Isle.

Rest again at the bed and the Three Musty Fears give you a Ghost Medal.

Credit goes to:

Oh, and the flags are invisible.

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Secret - 8-bit Mario

Have you ever wanted to become 8-bit Mario Then you must go to Booster's Tower. If you go to the curtained area, step behind it. You will become 8-bit Mario just like in the original game!

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Secret - Culex, a hidden boss

To fight Culex, buy the fireworks for 500 coins at Moleville, then trade it for a "Shiny Stone" at Moleville from a mole somewhere near some crates OUTSIDE of the homes. Next go to Monstro Town and go to the third or "3" door and open it with the Shiny Stone. The shiny stone is required to open the door. Next, get ready for the ultimate fight! He is strong so I recommend training before fighting him.

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Secret - Frog Coins! And a Fireworks for the good of the Ending!

Go to the Forest Maze. Look around for those Wigglers that look like caterpillars. (Kind of)

Try to jump on its head or body and do it ten times without landing on the ground. You get a frog coin EVERY ten times you jump consecutively. You won't get a frog coin if you land on the ground before you jump on the Wiggler ten times in a row.

Next, you know that guy who sells fireworks I would recommend buying a few fireworks before ending the game and defeating Smithy. If you buy fireworks you get a better ending. Remember when you see the fireworks exploding in the air and see a mushroom, Fire Flower, or Star made out of the fireworks The more fireworks, you get one of those cool designs in the sky. There is a certain amount of fireworks you have to buy to get each design. Here is what I would say:

Mushroom:You barely or didn't even buy any Fireworks! (0-4)

Fire Flower:Pretty good. You got several fireworks. (5-9)

Star:Wow! That is a large amount of fireworks you got there! (10-infinity)

I'm not exactly sure how much fireworks you have to buy, but that is my estimates. I think you can throw out the fireworks and they will still count in the ending. I hope this helps!

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