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Paper Mario: The Thousand Year Door
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Secret - Bonetail

You must get top the very bottom of the Pit of 100 Trials. Bonetail is the final enemy. He is the strongest enemy in the game. You must be very strong to fight him. I would recommend leveling u[p a lot before fighting this guy. This is what Goombella says when using her move "Tattle".

"That's Bonetail. He's the oldest brother of Hooktail. ...So old he's just bones, in fact. Wow. Now THAT'S old. His body's Max HP is 200, his Attack is 8, and his Defense is 2. He has various breaths that might confuse us or put us to sleep. When his HP gets low, he'll recover... or reanimate, as the case may be. He's probably stronger than the last boss, seriously! Let's do this right!" - Goombella

If you defeat him, he'll spit out a treasure chest. Inside is the "Return Postage Badge".

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Easter Egg - References

There are many references in Paper Mario TTYD, and I'll list some of them!

Remember Petalburg City The place where Koops used to live Petalburg City is a name of a town in Pokemon Emerald.

In the Glitz Pit when you fight Rawk Hawk for the first time, one of the people in the audience shout "Jumpman!! Wait, who". Jumpman is the name of Mario in the game Donkey Kong.

Sometime after you ride the train to Poshley Heights, you'll receive a message from the real Zip Toad. If you look closely, Jr. Troopa from the first Paper Mario is flying outside the window.

After you defeat the Shdow Queen, go back to Poshley Heights. Go to the outside of the place where you got the 7th Crystal Star. Next to the fountain are Bow and Bootler from the first Paper Mario.

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Secret - Yoshi Colors

Do you want your Yoshi to be a certain color when it hatches from its egg Well, the time that takes it for how long to hatch (After getting it at the Hotdog Stand) determines the color. Here are the times.

Green Yoshi 0-6 Minutes

Red Yoshi 6-9 Minutes

Blue Yoshi 9-11 Minutes

Orange Yoshi 11-15 Minutes

Pink Yoshi 15-18 Minutes

Black Yoshi 18-19 Minutes

White Yoshi 19-20 Minutes

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