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Star Fox 64
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Secret - Save Falco and then...

When You save Falco in Corneria from the 3 enemies, you should come to a lake with rocks with arches in it. Fly under all arches (make sure Falco is still alive) and he will lead you a second boss! I guess Falco wants to repay you. If you leave him to deal with the enemies, he is sure to lose all his health.

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Secret - Land Master flies!

Select the Land Master In versus mode or use it in the planet where you are a land master, Hold L + R and the tank should fly or float up. It is helpful for dodging enemies and objects.

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Secret - Fight a Wolfen in Practice Mode!

First complete Practice Mode until the very end where you go in all-range mode and fight continueless enemies. Shoot down 100 enemies in practice mode. A wolfen will appear, allowing you to get target practice on him.

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Secret - Different Ending Sequence

Upon defeating Andross the hard way, which is after going through Area 6, you will be saved by your father.

When you fly back into space to meet your team, two things will change. First the dialogue of the characters and secondly Fox will look around to symbolize him trying to seek out his father after the escape. He doesn't see him, however, and tells his team mates not to worry when they ask what's bothering him. His father may be gone, but not forgotten.

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