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Pokemon Pearl
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Cheats - Palkia,Lustrous Orb,Uxie,Azelf,Mesprit,and the National Dex

You must go to Mt. Coronet and defeat Cyrus.

Lustrous OrbAfter you capture Palkia,go to the back and go down some steps.Press A infront of the Poke Ball and you will pick up the Lustrous Orb.
UxieGo to one of the Lakes and go inside the cavern.Save before you battle Uxie.First use a Quick Ball,and if that doesn't work,weaken it(use Pakia's Spacial Rend move) and use an Ultra Ball.
AzelfGo to one of the Lakes and go inside of the cavern.Save before you battle Azelf.Use a Quick Ball,and if that doesn't work,weaken it(use Palkia's Spacial Rend move) and use an Ultra Ball.
MespritGo to Lake Verity and go inside of the cavern.There is no need to save this time-when you press A infront of Mesprit,it shows a picture of it,and it flies off.Use the Marking Map on your Poketch(go to the Poketh Company in Jubilife City and get it from the mane there)and follow it.Ok,say it is near Eterna City.Fly there,and then walk or ride your bike(do NOT run,Mesprit will run away).Mesprit will try to flee once in the battle,so this is a great time to use your Master Ball.
National PokedexDefeat the Elite 4.By now,your Pokedex should be one hundred fourty-nine(149).Remember the old man in Celestic Town with the odd book?Go back there and he should have a new book.Read it,and it shows you a picture of Dialgia,bringing you to a total of 150 Pokemon seen.Go back to Professor Rowan's Lab,and you shal see none other than...Professor Oak?!He gives you the National Pokedex and tells you you can finally go to Pal Park!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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Cheats - Legends

All of the new legends

DialgaBeat cyrus in the mountian and catch it (diamond)
MespritAfter you beat cyrus it runs away at lake verity
UxieAfter you beat cyrus catch at lake acuity
AzelfAfter you beat cyruc catch at lake valor
GiratinaAfter you earn national dex then go to spring path
RegigasAfter you earn nation dex catch the regis and have them at snowpoint temple
HeatranAfter national dex go to stark mountian go through it with buck then go back through to catch it
RotomAt night at the Old Chatueu press on the TV the it will come out at lv 15 be careful!
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Unlockable - Unlockables

Uhh... buy the game.

Unlockable:How to unlock:
DrifloonGo to Valley windworks on friday ( itmay have to be night)
RotomGo to the Old Chatuea at night, in theTV
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Unlockable - Secret Sinnoh Pokemon

These Pokemon require items or leveling up to evolve. Credit to Nintendo!:D

Unlockable:How to unlock:
WeavileCatch or trade a Sneasel. Then make it hold Razor Claw. Now level it up between 8:00 p.m. or 4:00 a.m.
MagnezoneMake a Magneton level up to 30 in Mt. Coronet.(This will be difficult to obtain)
LickilickyTeach a Lickitung the move Rollout and let it level up to Lv.33 or higher.
RhyperiorHave a Rydon hold Protector and trade with a friend.
TangrowthA Tangela needs to learn AncientPower and level it to 33 or higher.
ElectivireMake Electabuzz hold an item called Electirizer and then do a trade.
MagmortarMagmar needs a Magmarizer and trade.
TogekissUse a Shiny Stone on a Togetic.
YanmagaRaise a Yanma to learn AncientPower and train it to Lv.33+.
LeafeonHave an Eevee level up near the mossy rock in Eterna Forest.
GlaceonLevel up another Eevee close to the icy rock on Route 217.
GliscorMake Gligar hold a Razor Fang and level between 8:00 p.m. and 4:00 a.m.
MamoswineFirst, give a Heart Scale to the Move Tutor in Patsoria City. Then, teach AncientPower to a Piloswine and level it up.
Porygon-ZPorygon-2 needs to hold the Dubious Disc and be traded.
GalladeA Dawn Stone is to be used on a MALE Kirlia.
ProbopassNosepass needs to be leveled up in Mt. Coronet. (Again, this might be hard.)
DusknoirDusclops holds a Reaper Cloth and then is traded.
FroslassUse a Dawn Stone on a FEMALE Snorunt.
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This is an Action Replay exclusive code! Enter any PokeMart while pressing L+R, you should see somthing, probably a guy.

94000130 FCFF0000Line 1
B21C4D28 00000000Line 2
B0000004 00000000Line 3
0000AA3C EDB88320Line 4
2000AA68 0000000ALine 5
D2000000 00000000Final Line
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Unlockable - The three hiders

to get arceus/shaymin/darkrai

Unlockable:How to unlock:
darkraiget a members pass and go to harbor inn and go to sleep and wake up kill darkrai and catch him when you wake up for good
shayminget oaks note go to a polished rock say somrthing and shaymin will apear
arceusget a azre flute go to where you caught the main legend and a staircase will apear go up and get him
lvls of themarceus is lvl.80/shaymin is lvl.30/darkrai is lvl.40
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Unlockable - JUST CATCH IT


Unlockable:How to unlock:
Hint - LocarioAfter beating the fifth gym leader, you can SURF to the city that is next to Jubilife City X3. Be sure to have an empty slot in your Pokemon party. When you arrive, go across the bridge and down to the boats to sail to Iron Mountain.
Hint - GiratinaThis Pokemon is available after getting national pokedex. A new area will appear near veilstone. Go there go through the cave at the end of the lake (spring path) and there is a cave called Turnback cave with nothing but ghost Pokemon. There will be room after room after you go past the first two pillars and get to the third go to the room to the left and there will be Giratina you only have one chance of catching so save the game first before you fight.
Hint - CresseliaFirst, go to Canalave City (Cresselia is in both Diamond and pearl versions). Look for the boy in Sailor Eldritch's house. Talk to the boy in bed and he will be saying something in his sleep, something about Darkrai.
Easter Egg - Medal DusterGo to your Trainer Card (Right under BAG in the in-game Menu). Go tap the little square under the section
Hint - RotomRotom, can be found in the Old Chateau in Eterna Forest. If you've been inside, you've might have seen a ghost or two there. Now you must have the Nationel Pokedex to get Rotom. When you go to Eterna Forest the Gym leader of Eterna (she'll be at the front of the Old Chateau) she'll tell you about a mysterious pokemon found inside, she'll than leave.
Hint - Mining ClueWhen you get the explorer kit from the old man in Eterna city (the house beside the pokemon center) use it and go underground. On your upper DS screen there are yellow glowing dots flashing on and off. Go up to one on the upper screen and look at the bottom screen. Click on your bottom screen to search for the glowing dot. When you find a glowing dot (only in walls) go up to it and click A. Then you will be in the digging screen, And use the hammer or pick axe. When you dig you will see 4 layers:
Easter Egg - Ghost GangYou must have the HM Cut, as well as the Forest Badge, to find this easter egg. Use Cut on the trees near the exit to Eterna Forest to discover a path to a mysterious mansion. There are two rooms that hold spooks: One is the dining room downstairs and the other is upstairs on the far right, but you can only see it from the adjacent room to the left.
Hint - SpiritombTo get Spiritomb, go to Solaceon Town and go downwards until you see a well-type looking thing. That is the Hallowed Tower, when you press 'A' on it, it will say:
Hint - Earn Seals Other Than SunnyshoreFirst, go to Solceon town. Near the exit at the top on your right there is a hidden opening; go inside!
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