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Code - Upload picture in CheatsGuru profile

For upload picture in your profile:

1. - Click on Edit profile link;

2. - Click on "Browse" button in "Your Avatar" field;

3. - Select image (image must be have max size 80x80 pixels, and have gif, jpg or png fomat)

4. - And finaly push on "Save Profile" buttons

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Secret - Cheat gone?

Have you posted a cheat and you have seen it didn't come out at all? Wondering if your cheat was not even sent? Don't worry! It happens all the time. It turns out you need to wait a while. After 24 hours (At the max), your hard-typed, good cheat (Or odd joke, *Ahem* Michevious Unregistereds, I'm talking about you!) WILL be added!

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Code - Points Earned table

Points add 1 time in 24 hours when you add question or answer, cheat and etc.

Coast of contribute:

cheat (password, code , unlocckables)5
hint (secret, glith, easter egges)5
new game5
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Secret - Color Text!

See how this text is red? I'm going to show you how to do it! But you need to follow these steps EXACTLY the way I tell them.

1.) Type:

<font color="">your text</font>

2.) Next to the =, type a color. Our example this time is Orange, so type "orange"> (Yes that includes lowercase letters and any punctuation) on the right of the =

<font color= "orange"> (Take away the space in the middle.)</font>

3.) Press space after the > and say whatever it is you want to say.

Orange text! ^_^

Several tips:

1.) This only works in the text, not the title.

2.) I'm not sure what colors won't, but here is a list of colors I know will work:

<br /><br /> <font color="red"> Red</font> (</font> - use close tags necessarily!)<br /><br /> <font color="orange"> Orange</font><br /><br /> <font color="yellow"> Yellow</font><br /><br /> <font color="green"> Green</font><br /><br /> <font color="blue"> Blue</font><br /><br /> <font color="teal"> Teal</font><br /><br /> <font color="purple"> Purple</font><br /><br /> <font color="black"> Black</font><br /><br /> <br /><br /> <font color="white"> Experiment, who knows? You might discover a new color you can use!</font><br /><br />

If anything turns oout weird with this cheat, like misssing text, odd colored text, or added codes, it's because this can be really tricky to do when trying to post this as a cheat. Please rate, but all the credit does not go to me.

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Secret - How to make your text move.

In order to perform this, you must use the marquee tag.

E.g: Hello!

This was done by using -marquee- as your opening tag and -/marquee- as your closing tag.

(Use the arrow tags to perform this instead of -'s.)

To make it even more creative, you can put a background color to be the bg of your text.

E.g: Hello!

This was done by doing this: -MARQUEE BGCOLOR=[place color here]- then -/MARQUEE-.

Another maquee is the slide marquee.

E.g: Hello!

This was done by doing this: -MARQUEE BEHAVIOR=SLIDE- then -/MARQUEE-.

There are a variety of marquee codes you can use. That you can experiment with on your own. Hope this helped you out alot.

Remember: (Use the arrow tags to perform these codes instead of -'s.)

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Secret - Different Fonts

Example: < font face="apple chancery" >text here

Take away the spaces here: and your font should look like...


You can replace the words apple chancery with any other font to experiment. All fonts that aren't single worded (single worded = arial) have to have the space in the middle (ex. lucida handwriting).

Please read the codes and directions carefully.

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Code - Mounth contest points

How we will comput points for mounth contest since april 2009

First column of table is type of submit, second column is points for current type of submit from first column according.

First number of second columns is count of points that you will earn if the game no have more 5 items of that type. Else we will earn count of points equal second number.

For example, Stormrise [x360] game have 1 cheat (1 less then 5) if you will submit cheat for this game you earns 3 points. Pokemon Platinum [nds] game have 40 hints (40 more then 5), if you will submit hint for this game you earn 1 point for this hint.

type of submitpoints
cheats (code, unlockable, password)3 - 1
hint (secret, glitch, easter eggs)3 - 1
walkthriough3 - 2
file (trainer, save, editor)3 - 2
new game1
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Secret - MODs descriptions

There are three types of MODs:

-Game MODs: Supervisors of all game cheats;

-Platform MODs: Supervisors of all platforms;

-Super MODs: Kind of Supreme supervisors.

To be a MOD you must have an account with at least 1 and 1/2 year, access to CG at least one time a week and don't do nothing that harms CG.

For those who don't know MOD=MODERATOR.

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Easter Egg - How to make the profile multi-coloured

In this mini-article i'll explain how to change color in your profile. You can see here example. I do not speak about background pictures, i'll explain this thing in next message.

So, the first, about you have to know, is that all changes we will write in "About Me" field. You can find them here: "Go to control panel" --> "Settings" --> "Edit personal info" (bookmark). "About Me" is a large text field under "Your status".

We will write CSS code, it's not very hard.

Ok, lets try change something!

Copy this text to "About Me" to change your headers color:


h1 { color: red; }


(Things that can be changed are marked by italic)

And all headers in your profile will be red. By the way, you can choose any color as you wish:

red, pink, orange, yellow, darkviolet, lime, green, teal, skyblue, blue, tan...

Full list of colors see here.

To change link color write this:


a { color: deepskyblue; }


You can combine link and headers color:


h1 { color: red; }

a { color: deepskyblue; }


As you can see, we always use style tag, it is necessary for correct display!

To change all other text copy this text:


#main_content { color: yellow; }


Here that it has turned out finally:

This is my multi-coloured profile =)


h1 { color: red; }

a { color: deepskyblue; }

#main_content { color: yellow; }


If you have any questions, or any remark, please, contact me!

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