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Paper Mario
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Unlockable - Recipies!

These are some recipes to make food. Tace T. is the one that "cooks" these meals for you.

Unlockable:How to unlock:
Apple PieCake Mix + Apple
Big CookieCake Mix + Blueberry
Bland MealFire Flower + Mushroom
CakeCake Mix
Electric PopElectric Mushroom + Cake Mix
Fire SoupFire Flower
Fried ShroomMushroom + Super Shroom
Honey CandyHoney Syrup + Cake Mix
Jelly UltraUltra Shroom + Jammin Jelly
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Secret - Treasure Chest!

Go to the west entrance of Toad Town. Hit the tree. A trampoline will fall down to the ground. Jump on it, and you'll land on top of the entrance where you'll find a treasure chest. Open it and see what is inside. :)

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Secret - The Doll

(The only way I did this is by going to the place where you get the hammer in the beginning when you're prgressing throught the game. I'm not sure if you can do this later after you return to Goomba Village with the hammer and without the doll.)

Go to the place where you got your hammer. Try to use your hammer on every tree (possibly try the one on the far right). On one of the trees, a doll should fall out of it. It is Goombaria's doll! Return it to her and she'll give you a Star Piece.

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Secret - Anti-guy

Anti-guy is a black shy guy in the Shy guy's toy box. He guards a treasure chest. He is pretty strong so it's difficult to beat him, but instead of fighting him for the treasure, you can give bargain with him. Get a Lemon (at the Oasis close to the Dry Dry Desert) and cake mix and take it to the toad that cooks stuff and she'll give you a lemon candy. Then give it to the Anti-guy and he'll give you a Power Plus badge without having to fight him. :)

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