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Easter Egg - Finding Shiny Pokemon -Pokemon Platinum Version

How to: If you put both an international pokemon & one of your own in the daycare, your chances of finding a shiny are lowered from 1/8932 to 1/2000. This may sound high but you will definitely notice a difference.

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Secret - Fun Facts

Here some Pokemon Fun Facts!

*Nobody in the Elite 4 *Even Cynthia* had an Ice Type Pokemon in their team.

*Spell Ekans and Arbok backwards. They spell Snake and Cobra.

*Rhydon can learn Surf

*ArticUNO, ZapDOS MolTRES, 1, 2, 3 in Spanish.

*In Pokemon Red and Blue, Lickitung couldn't learn Lick.

*Girafarig and Bibarel are the only Normal Type Pokemon to not have a second type that is flying.

*Dark/Ghost Pokemon do not have a weakness.

*Karate Chop and Gust used to be Normal Type Moves in the R/B/Y days.

*Dialga is the only Dragon Type Pokemon not weak to Dragon Type Moves.

*Deoxys is the DNA Pokemon. The DNA can stand for Deoxys's forms, Defense, Normal, and Attack.

*Ghost type moves weren't effective on Pyschic types in R/B/Y

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Secret - Fun Facts Part 2

I hoped you like my first set of facts. Here are some more.

*Ruby, Saphire, and Emerald have the same first letters as Raikou, Suicune, and Entai.

*There isn't really a Pokemon that has a type that is JUST Flying.

*Latios, Latias, Cresselia, and Heatran have a gender. *Still being legendary Pokemon*

*Mantine has been drawn *Whatever you see it in battles* with a Remoraid under one of its fins.

*Aerodactyl is the only Fossil Pokemon to not have any evolutions.

*Cresselia's colors, pink, blue, and yellow can represent the three lake Pokemon, Mesprit, Azelf, and Uxie!

*Ever noticed something with Hitmonlee and Hitmonchan Bruce Lee and Jackie Chan

*Dragonair is taller than its evolve form Dragonite. *Check your pokedex on their heights*

*Dewgong Have you ever heard of the animal Dugong They look very much alike.

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Secret - Fun Facts 3

Enjoy my third set of fun facts.

*When Poliwag evolves into Poliwhirl, the swirl in its body will go the opposite way. Example:The swirl goes left from the beginning. After it evolves, it goes to the right.

*Rotom is spelled Motor backwards.

*You would think Mega punch and Mega Kick are Fighting type moves, but they are really Normal Type moves.

*Petalburg City was referenced in Paper Mario TTYD. A village in the Paper Mario game was called Petalburg!

*Jesse James, an American outlaw, gang leader, bank and train robber, has the names of Jesse and James from Team Rocket.

*Bulbasaur is the only starter to have two types in its first form.

*Butch Cassidy, an American train robber, bank robber and leader of the Hole in the Wall Gang, also contain the names of Jesse's and James's rivals, Butch and Cassidy.

*Groudon is the heaviest pokemon

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Secret - Fun Facts 4

Well, I'm making a 4th set. I hope you like these.

*Mudkip and Squirtle are the only starter Pokemon that can't learn Cut.

*Diamond and Pearl have the same first letters as Dialga and Palkia.

*Ash does own all 4 starter Pokemon. Bulbasaur, Chikorita, Treecko, and Turtwig

*All of the Grass Type Starters are based off on Reptiles. ^^^

*The Water Type group is the biggest out of all of the 17 types. It contains 92 Pokemon. Compare that to the 493 we have right now...

* Water Type hasn't been paired with Fire (duh) or Ghost Types. And if you didn't understand that...There was never a Water-Fire Type or Water-Ghost Type Pokemon.

*Diamond and Pearl had a lack of Fire Types. Chimchar and Ponyta had the only evolution lines in the game. (This is for SINNOH POKEMON ONLY) Platinum thankfully had more Fire Types in the game.

*All of the Grass Type Gym Leaders have been Female.

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Secret - Fun Facts 5

Lol I don't even need a description anymore. Here are the facts!

*There are only 4 pure Ice Types. Snorunt, Glalie, Regice, Glaceon

*Pryce, a Gym Leader in Gold, Silver, Crystal, Heart Gold, and soul Silver, is the only male that specializes Ice Type Pokemon.

*There isn't a Fighting Type Legendary Pokemon. *Not including Arceus holding the Fist Plate*

*There are 12 pure Fighting Type Pokemon.

*All of the Electric Type Gym Leaders have been male.

*Every generation has introduced at least one new Ground Type Pokemon.

*Mawile and Registeel are the only pure Steel Type Pokemon.

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Secret - Fun Facts 7

*Spell Muk backwards...wait do that and change the k to a c...!!!

*Shuckle has the highest base Defense and Special Defense

*Dialga has a catch rate of 30. That's the same as Chatot's catch rate of 30!

I'm going to base the rest on the legendary Golems. (Regi's)

*Registeel's sprite in Diamond and Pearl kind of resembles the Nazi's greeting to each other. (You'll notice its arm is kind of stretched out.) I was kind of surprised since I recently learned how to greet each other. They would usually raise up their hand and say "Hail." This is somewhat like what the ancient Romans did. *Hooray for Social Studies!!!*

*Regice has the second highest base Special Defense.

*Regirock's foot print looks like a Scarab Beetle.

*However, Regirock's footprint is flat rectangles in the Anime.

*Regirck is tied with Steelix with the second highest base Defense.

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