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MegaMan and Ezekiel
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Unlockable - Megachip up to 40

Beat protoman,Towkaman,Dustman,Groundman and know you get sp chip.Beat Navis ds in graveyard and sp in the other place are circman, blastman,Diveman, Elementman,Jugdeman and colonel know thats you ds and sp. Bass is in gaveyard and he is in the barrier in the rest. He's waiting to see megaman again.

Unlockable:How to unlock:
BassAnly chipBass
Falzar chipFalzar sp
double beast chipfalzar and Gregar
Protoman sp chipProtoman sp
Towkaman sp chipTowkaman sp
Dustman sp chipDustman sp
Groundman sp chipGroundman sp
Navis ds chips in the graveyardNavis Ds in the graveyard
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