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Pokemon Mystery Dungeon: Explorers of Time
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Password - Wonder mails golden seeds and doom seeds

wonder mails golden seeds and doom seeds

rate me thumbs up if it works

7&FP &7J4 &2XP =6P4 05W& 188Cmt bristle 1F(golden seed)
J4T@ MJPX TYY+ %Y%0 MQQ6 %016mt bristle 1F(doom seed)
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Password - Wonder Mail Codes Golden Seeds

Here are some wonder mail codes for the golden seeds.

place is Drenched Bluff

i will also write 2 extra codes

Golden Mask and Recruit Rotom in Beach Cave

Hope it Helps

3-2% KW6W 4XPJ HPCF @R%3 J4X+floor 1
5963 7NMY 2H#0 5=0& %7PW T&TYfloor 2
JNHJ 17N- M40X 2&KH 9%@S +5F8floor 3
09FX X&&X =9R6 58=9 #SM8 -PP+floor 4
+HSS =09= #1=6 Y&C= #&XN 9QF5floor 5
WJQ% ST9C 3WS4 QYJ7 J7S7 CPPPfloor 6
4P3S T#&F 4Y9P K4&3 9FJ4 5S5FRotom floor 1
NT-R R8M- Q%CH YQQ2 %&03 2MMFGolden Mask floor 2
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Code - Wonder Mail Codes (Mystery Part code included)

Enjoy these codes! The place where each mission takes place is varied so good luck!

PXJ6 34F4 4Q3F QW&K YRX5 38+=Mystery Part
K%M1 W=69 5Q0= JCF0 53RH S90RGarchomp recruit
1PH1TKH7=9MJNY2T58-33Y90Golden Apple
7&SK 8Y+0 C9YF 06KK NN+2 +F8K1300 Rescue Point arrest
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