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Secret - How To Fight Training Gym Without Him Being Your Friend!!!

Training Gym is an accont with 6 Lv100 Blissey's

it's great to get a lot of Exp and $IC

usually you need to have it on your friends to fight it

but i'll explain how you can fight it in 4 steps:

1- start a fight with a friend of yours

2-in the fight, look at the URL(http://pivovar...) and then delete the numbers after "autotrainer&tid=..."

3-then you type the training acc ID "1095252" in the same place

4-just press Enter and you're good to go!

If you think 6 Lv100 Blissey's are to much for you

just use my own training acc "Corleone Gym"

it's ID is "1225091"

and i only have 3 Lv100 Blissey's in my team for now

I hope this hint can be usefull to you guys

and if you think it is

plz give me Thumbs Up ok


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Secret - How to level up faster!!

Ok I tried this the other day and it really works.Some times it goes slow cause Pokemon Indigo can get into traffic peaks

Here are some easy steps!(you can use internet explorer or mozilla fire fox.Probobly Netscape internet will work )

-log in your pokemon indigo account.

-open your tabs or open anonther internet explorer or fire fox (internet exlporer: the upper left corner). For mozilla fire fox,click file then open tab.(open about 4 tabs)

-ok, so click the tab and type then log in your account(must be the same account that you log in)

So now you are log in.

-The first tab you go to maps and go to any gyms that your good at!(like you have water type and you fight fire gym)

-The second tab is same as first.

-The third tab is same as first and second.

-The Forth one is you go to pokemon center and just wait.

this part is really getting interesting,a bit confusing!SO READ!


-In the first tab you fight a gym leader

-Second tab the same as first (must be the same gym in the first tab)

-third tab follow second tab

ok for the Forth tab- just wait until your pokemon's life is near half.then click "RECOVER MY POKEMON"

(all your pokemon from tab to tab will recover its life and Power Points!)

When battling a gym leader,all the pokemon in the 3 tabs must be the same (so that pokemon recieves more EXP) or what ever you want!

I have one question

Where do u find mew,mewto,lugia,ho-ho, regigas and other legendary pokemon?


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Glitch - Stealing Shiny Pokemon Legends - Simplified

Attention: THE OLD CHEAT DOES NOT WORK. The programmers fixed the glitch, but this version is a way around the fix :)

(1)-go to a Map or Room and find a Shiny Pokemon. Click "Fight"

(2)-While in battle OPEN A NEW TAB and find a trainer (in a map or room...) with a pokemon in the FIRST SLOT of his party that you want to copy and make shiny. (To make finding people like this easier, I suggest you add anyone you find with good pokemon in their party to your friend's list. When you want to find them, they're there.)

(3)-Go into battle with the trainer

(4)-Go back to the battle with the wild shiny pokemon and hit refresh. (I don't know why, but it needs this.)

(5)-(Do this step all within about 5 seconds) Go back to your battle with the trainer, change your battling pokemon, return to the wild pokemon and hit "refresh" again.

(6)-The target pokemon will appear in place of the wild one, but it wont be shiny yet.

(7)-Close the other Tab (the battle with the trainer) and throw a masterball at your target.

Return to "My Zone". Whatever pokemon you've chosen to steal will be a shiny, so long as the original wild pokemon was also.


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