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Pokemon Diamond
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Unlockable - How To Unlock Legendary Pokemons


Unlockable:How to unlock:
1 - UxieGo To Acuity Lake Go To The Middle Of The Lake.
2 - MespritGo To Vareity Lake Go To The Middle He Will Run Chase Him Down.
3 - AzelfGo To Valor Lake Go To The Middle Of The Lake.
4 - DialgaAfter You Get The 6th Badge Go To MT Cornot Go To The Top Of The Mountain Youll Find Him Their.
5 - PalkiaSame As Dialga Butt On Pokemon Pearl.
6 - HeatranAfter You Get The National Dex And Get All The Badges And Beat The Elite 4 Go To Stark Mountain Youll Find A Guy Named Buck He Will Take A Magma Stone Go Meet Him at His House And Go Back To Stark Mountain Youll Find Heatran.
7 - RegiagasGet The National Dex Hed To Snowpoint Town Go To The Temple But First Migrate The 3 Regis Ice Rock And Steel.
8 - GiratinaGet National Dex Hed To Route 214 Youll Find A Path Opend Hed To Spring Path Into Tornback Cave.
9 - CresseliaNational Dex Go To Canalave City Go To That Sailors House You Will See A Kid Sick Help Him Talk To The Sailor He Will Take You To Fullmoon Island Cresselia Will Run Take The Medicine Help The Kid And Catch Cresselia Like Mesprit.
10 - PhioneGet Manaphy Breed Him With Ditto Youll Get Phione.
11 - RotomGo To Eterna Forest Go To The Spooke House Go To The 2ND Floor Go To The 1 Of The Rooms And Go To The TV Rotom Will Come Out.
12 . ManaphyImport Him From Pokemon Rangers.
13 - DarkraiGet The Members Pass From The Mystery Gift Go To Canalave City Go To Newmoon Island.
14 - ShayminGet The Oaks Letter From The Mystery Gift Go To The Pokemon League.
15 - ArceusGet The Azure Flute From The Mystery Gift And Then Go Spear Pillar He Will Be At LV 80.
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