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Secret - Alternate Forms



There are two ways to get Origin Forme Giratina. The first is to take Giratina

into the Torn World, but obviously this is barely practical as there is nothing

you can do with it.

The second way is to obtain a "Platinum Orb". To get the Platinum Orb you must

go back into the Torn World. Go to Turnback Cave in Sendoff Spring (off Route

214) and try and make your way to the end. Just keep going through door after

door - south to north every room gets you there eventually. At the end you

should see a portal where Giratina used to be in D/P. Enter the portal and

just go along the platforms until you reach an item ball. This contains the

Platinum Orb - equip this to a Giratina and it will boost all Dragon and Ghost

moves it uses by 20% AND also keep it in Origin Forme permanently. You may as

well exit the Torn World after this as there is nothing else in this part of it.



Getting a Sky Forme Shaymin requires you to have a movie Shaymin. There is also

a Wondercard code for this which I will list in this section near the bottom.

It is possible that all you need is a Shaymin with the Classic Ribbon though

but I am not sure about it.

Anyway, once you get a Shaymin that fits the requirement to go Floaroma Town

and talk to the blonde girl near the center of the town. She'll notice the

Shaymin in your party and give you the Glacidea Flower. Go to your Key Items

pocket and use it on Shaymin to turn it into Sky Forme Shaymin. Note that you

cannot turn Shaymin into Sky Forme at Night. In addition, Sky Forme Shaymin

will automatically turn back into Land Forme at Night. You can also turn a

Sky Forme Shaymin back into Land Forme by putting it in the box.



To get these, you must have a key item called the "Secret Key". Once you have

this (you must get it from a Nintendo event, unfortunately) go to the Galactic

Hideout in Eterna City. As says, "You can go to one of the rooms

and use the Secret Key between a bookcase and a wall." Once the key is used,

you can pass into another room behind the now opened path. In this new room

are five pieces of red furniture. Simply bring Rotom with you and interact

with a piece of furniture to make Rotom possess it and gain that form. If you

want to reset Rotom's form to its regular one then simply interact with the

same piece of furniture and it will release its posesssion of it.

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