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Unlockable - Pet parrot

If you want a pet and non-member the wolf thing closed so you have to go to yulgars inn and get a parrot for 25000 gold. This cheat is kind of stupid and please don't put thumbs down cause this is my first cheat for AQW. The parrot stays of your shoulder and goes around with you. (If you want to see me I'll be on safaria's server and call me to come to lair-9999).

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Unlockable - Items

This is how to get some of the items I know.It might be updated later.

Unlockable:How to unlock:
water dracocian swordfight water dracocian
iron dracocian swordfight purple dracocian
gold dracocian sword(member)fight gold dracocian
dark dracocian sword(member)fight dark dracocian
phoenix blade and red dragon wings(member)fight red dragon
enforcer armorfight mithril man
rustbucketdo the crash site quests
piston-drive polearmdo the crash site quests
spybot pet(member)do the crash site quests
battery packdo the crash site quests
oculation helmdo the crash site quests
bubble helmfight dwakel blasters and flamethrowers
barrier bot helmfight barrier bot
protosartorium(member)fight prototarsorium
water dracocian wingsfight water dracocians
iron dracocian wings(member)fight purple dracocians
dark dracocian wings(member)fight dark dracocians
gold dracocian wings(member)fight gold dracocians
bronze dracocian sword(non-member) and wings(member)fight bronze dracocians
bejeweld bladedo valencia quests
pirate stuffdo pirate quests and access the shop
frost moglindo the frostvale quests and access the shop
templar's helm of lightfight red dragon
dwakel warrior swordfight dwakel warrior
dwakel caster stafffight dwakel caster
frost scytherfight frost dragon
hunting spearfight frogzard hunters
frogzard clubfight frogzard grunts
morning starfight zardman boss
gereral porkon's axefight general porkon
crusader helm(member),sword(member) and cape(not sure)fight crusader
captain hood,sword and capefight captain
guard pauldron and helmfight inquisitor guards
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Unlockable - Classes

these are some classes I know how to unlock

hope you give me thumbs up

Unlockable:How to unlock:
warriorbuy at trainers
magebuy at trainers
rougebuy at trainers
healerbuy at trainers
ninjabuy at mazumi in battleon
barberbuy at mazumi in battleon
piratefinish all lolosia's quest
paladinbuy at artix needed healer and warrior rank 10
dragonslayerfinsh all quest of galanoth
leprechaunfinsh last quest of rainbow
enforcerkill mitril man
protosartoriumkill protosartorium
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Password - Loads of money with on of ur quests

please rate this cheat

3 quests for gold lots of gold!go to the dragonslayer accept his first 3 quests and complete them
2 quests for gold loads of gold!accept last 2 quests in dwakel crash site complete them
5 quests for MILLIONS OF GOLD!accept all 5 quests in dwakel crash site and complete them
In nythera say this: 1 REALLY GOOD QUEST FOR A HELP OF MONEYIf some on accepts it make them kill every dragon in the dragons lair
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Unlockable - Awesome wepons

i found

balor's bruitalythe dread spider-in the marsh
PHONIX BLADEkill the red dragon 1-13 times-in the lair
wave cutterkill sharkbait-1-28 times
tyrant bladethrax ironhide-in the marsh
orc war swordthrax ironhide-in the marsh
water draconian swordwater draconian need to kill 1-7 times -in lair
venom draconian swordvenom draconian need to kill 1-7 times -in lair
bronze draconian swordbronze draconian need to kill 1-7 times -in lair
dark draconian sworddark draconian need to kill 1-7 times -in lair
golden draconian swordgolden draconian need to kill 1-7 times -in lair
purple draconian swordpurple draconian need to kill 1-7 times -in lair
soul scythesoul seeker need to kill 3-8 times in the marsh
violet spearthe lich in marsh need to kill 1-17 times
general porkon's axegeneral porkon need to kill 5-10 times in orc town
morning starzardman boss need to kill 9-16 times in forest
krom's conquestthe red drag need to kill 10-18 times in lair
staff of imp firefire elemental need to kill 6-14 times in bludrut
searing macefire elemental need to kill 6-14 times in bludrut
elemental hammerrock elemental need to kill 6-14 times in bludrut
fishfishman need to kill 5-9 times lolosia
zardmans spearkill zardman 3-5 times
TYRANT BLADEgo to the marsh and watch above until you see an arrow that goes to a place and defeat the big guy and you can get it
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Unlockable - Awesome cool waepons and armors

Here are cool wepons and armors and were to get them if it says (wep) its a weapon if it says (armor) its an armor

phoenix blade (wep)drop from red dragon
champions hydra blade (wep)drop from hydra head
staff of the burning abyss (wep)drop from slugfit
hydra armor (armor)drop from hydra head
dark rune sword (wep)evil shop
rune sword (wep)good shop
iron bones (armor)warlics magic shoppe
shadowscythe reaver (armor)evil shop
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Unlockable - Unlockables (Good Items updated)

This is another Part of the weapons. Updated. some are Old.

Mace of the grand inquistorGrand Inquistor in citadel
piston driven polearmFinish the fourth Quest in crash site
Grand Inquistors Helm (Members only)Buy at Murrays Shop in citadel
wave cutter (35% drop) or buy itFight Shark Bait Or you can buy it in pirates Shop :D
Escherion HelmDrops From Escherion
Staff of inversionDrops From the staff protecting Escherion
Speye wingDrops From sp-eye in mobius
Block headDrops From Stone golem in Cornelis
Bone SWORDquest from yulgar. You need to accept the quest from zorbak chipped tooth and his reward is small skull Which Is used for the quest of yulgart
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Unlockable - Have all the stuff of Valencia

Want to have thos stuff Well you've come to the right place.

These are just cool stuff from Valencia.......... Hope you need all the information here.

And my name there is Redondarwin. enjoy dudes.

Bone mace (monday)kill some orc warrior's in the orc town.
Broom of Doom(tuesday)Kill abadon in twiglight [upgrade map].
Faeirei Sai(wednesdayKill cyclops warlord in mobius.
Spear Gun(thursday)Kill kuro in the river.
Liquid hot magma Axe (friday)Kill Red dragon in Dragon lair.
Chakaram dagger(saturday)Kill the barrier bot in dwakel.
Sludge sword(sunday)Kill Grumble in the sewer.
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