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Unlockable - Pokeradar Pokemon

First things first, you get a Pokeradar when you get the National Dex. Here are the list of Pokemon that are only found with the radar, and what their location is.

Nidoran (Female)Route 201
Nidoran (Male)Route 201
SentretRoute 202
SunkernRoute 204-North
HoppipRoute 205-South
SlowpokeRoute 205-North
BaltoyRoute 206
StantlerRoute 207
SmeargleRoute 208
KirliaRoute 209
TaurosRoute 210-South
MiltankRoute 210-South
BagonRoute 210-North
TyrogueRoute 211-West
SmeargleRoute 212-North
GrimerRoute 212-South
SwellowRoute 213
PoochyenaRoute 214
PiloswineRoute 217
NidorinaRoute 221
NidorinoRoute 221
FlaffyRoute 222
MankeyRoutes 225/226
PrimeapeRoute 225/226
TorkoalRoute 227/Stark Mountain
VenonatRoute 229
VenomothRoute 229
TogepiRoute 230
WobbuffetLake Verity/Valor
AronFuego Ironworks
MareepValley Windworks
NincadaEterna Forest
LoudredMt. Cornet Top
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