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Scouting Metal Slimes
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Secret - Easy scout Metal Slimes Technique 1

First scout 1(or more Swarm) and raise up there level. When there attack is around 150(roughly)and they are holding some kind of weapon, sneek up on a Metal Slime(in the field). Attack. If done correctly 1 Swarm should do about 20%. Synthesised Swarm will do better.

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Secret - Easy Cout Metal Slime Technique 2

Another way to easily scout Metal Slimes is to use brute force. This may happen later, but chances of getting a Metal Slime are about 80%(if done correctly). What you need is to buy some oomph powder and then sneak up on a Metal Slime. If it doesn't notice your presence, use the oomph powder on one monster and have another monster cast oomph or raise its tension(opional). The stronger the monster, the better. A Gigantes works fine. Level 50+ also work.

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Secret - Easy Scout Metal Slimes Technique 3

The third, and final technique is to use weapons that have a stronger affect on metal monsters. Weapons like that can be found around or won at the Battle arena. By using an combo of each 3 techniques such as 1,2, and 3 will help result in a higher chance of scouting. It doesn't make it another technique though.

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