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Unlockable - Wonder Mail

Complete Dungeon Quest

Unlockable:How to unlock:
Dungeon: Remains Island??M4 CJY? 44?P CF?8 7J6R (...)M?1
Dungeon: Oddity Cave??MS CJ(...)? 44?P MF?8 7J6R (...)M?1
Dungeon: Fantasy Strait??M1 CJY? 44?P HF?8 7J6R (...)M?1
Dungeon: Marvelous Sea??MH CJ(...)? 44?P CF?8 7J6R (...)M?1
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Password - Wonder Mail Codes All Hms

Select Wonder Mail ,For (♂),"#" is used For (♀), "%" is used For (), "." is used

1?-N -QY? FR?507?. 64NR CX?WGives The Hm Dive
F?-N -%T? FR?H07?. 64NR M1?WGives The Hm Rock Smash
1?8N -4S? FR?J77?. 64NR CY?WGives The Hm WaterFall
1?-N -3Y? FR?6.7?. 64NR 4%?WGives The Hm Fly
4?8N -%0? FR?057?. 64NR 5??WGives The Hm Surf
1?8N --.? FR??67?. 64NR M.?WGives The Hm Flash
??8N -QY? FR?N?7?. 64NR 4C?WGives The Hm Cut
1?-N -#+? FR?M67?. 64NR 5!?WGives The Hm Strength
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Code - Legendary starters!

When you are answerin the questions its all determind on points you get for each persanality get them stuck between to and...

Get it stuck between brave and hardymewtwo
sassy and timidmew
jolly and hastyJirachi
docile and quirkyCelibi
Brave and hastyARticuno
Brave and jollyHo-oh
Relaxed and calmZapdos
Dolcile and sassy ( not a legendary but still good)Gastly
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Code - Rare items (please give me thumbs up)

i will add some cheats later :)

4?8N NCF? 4P?M W2?5 64?6 X9?Wtrap scraf
4?-N N5T? 4P?P M2?5 64?6 K9?Wbeauty scarf
4?-N N!F? 4P?S ?2?5 64?6 19?Wlunar scarf
4?-N NCF? 4P?3 T2?5 64N6 F9?Wvacuum cut
4?8N N5X? 4P?8 32?5 64?6 79?Wgold fang
4?8N N4F? 4P?8 ?2?5 64?6 T9?Wgoogle specs
4?-N NM0? 4P?7 52?5 64?6 J9?Wmunch belt
4?8N N40? 4P?! 52?5 64?6 19?Wsun ribbon
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Code - Rare items 2 (please give me thumbs up)

i will put codes later

4?-N NCT? 4P?X H2?5 6466 C9?Wbanana
4?-N NHX? 4P?7 62?5 6466 J9?Wking's rock
4?-N NJX? 4P?1 12?5 6476 K9?Wwide slash
4?-N N1T? 4P?P !2?5 64?6 (...)9?Wtight belt
F?8N NK.? 4P?3 +2?5 6476 -(...)?Wskill swap
F?-N NJ0? 4P?3 F2?5 6476 0(...)?Wiron tail
F?-N NJS? 4P?8 -2?5 6476 8(...)?Wprotect
F?8N N1T? 4P?- 32?5 6476 0(...)?Wsolarbeam
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Password - Mission's to get a precious items..

please give me thumbs up


* For the male sign (♂), "#" is used instead.

* For the female sign (♀), "%" is used instead.

* For the ellipsis (…), "." is used instead.

F?89 ?MS? 4R61 05?S 6??R K7?Wfriend bow
F?-9 HCS? ?86+ 7S?% 6?NR J7?Wmime jr. fig
F?89 N3Y? ?P6! 6F?4 6?NR J7?Wweavile fig
F?-9 +5.? 4P6# ST?T 6?6R Q7?Wkey
F?89 JWF? ?P63 ?.?5 6?6R Q7?Wmusic box
F?-9 #JY? ?86F 1N?S 6?6R 37?Wrock part
F?-9 8%S? 4P6+ TQ?R 6?6R %7?Wice part
F?89 -1T? ?86S 7S?4 6?6R 37?Wsteel part
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Password - Stone's and other's! please give me thumbs up ^^

give me thumbs up.. please


* For the male sign (♂), "#" is used instead.

* For the female sign (♀), "%" is used instead.

* For the ellipsis (…), "." is used instead.

F?89 RWX? ?P6# 2??N 6?6R !7?Wleaf stone
F?-9 K%+? 4868 NT?3 6?6R K7?Wsun stone
F?89 1QY? 486M 22?7 6?6R 17?Wmoon stone
F?-9 HH+? 4R68 FF?+ 6?6R 17?Wfire stone
F?89 CH.? ?864 JP?0 6?6R 27?Wwater stone
F?89 NJ.? 4R6S 2+?6 6?6R -7?Wthunder stone
F?-9 8-F? ?961 --?7 6?6R -7?Wdeepseascale
F?89 R#X? 496+ S-?7 6?6R K7?Wdeepseatooth
F?-9 N10? 4P6H Y%?C 6?6R J7?Wkings rock
F?-9 WK+? 4P61 4N?Q 6?6R !7?Wdragon scale
F?-9 H-+? 4P64 ?%?K 6?6R 27?Wmetal coat
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Password - Wonder Mail Codes(Easy missions)

In the Wonder Mail codes screen

# = Male Sign

% = Female Sign

= Ellipsis ()

F?-C HJF? ?P6F N1?3 64N0 +N?WOne--Room Orb and some Poke
5?2C H!Y? ?P6- SF?1 6410 P??WSky blue Plains
??FC 7%X? ?NNS 48?6 SH?5 KP?WFriend Bow
??1C 43X? ?-N4 JR?1 0H?T P?WTight Belt
??F% 73T? ?86? 7P?P 6PN0 4N?WHM Cut
4?F9 9HF? 4RRH X!?N 66N6 5T?WHM Surf
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Unlockable - Starter characters

* = These Pokémon may not be selected as the partner.Some characters are only available to players of a certain gender.
CharmanderMale: Hardy ; Female: Brave
SquirtleMale: Jolly ; Female: Relaxed
PikachuMale: Impish ; Female: Hardy
Meowth *Male: Quirky ; Female: N/A
Psyduck *Male: Relaxed ; Female: Lonely
Machop *Male: Brave ; Female: N/A
Cubone *Male: Lonely ; Female: Impish
Eevee *Male: N/A ; Female: Naive
ChikoritaMale: N/A ; Female: Docile
TotodileMale: Naive ; Female: Jolly
TorchicMale: Hasty ; Female: Sassy
CyndaquilMale: Timid ; Female: N/A
MudkipMale: Calm ; Female: Timid
Skitty *Male: N/A ; Female: Hasty
BulbasaurMale: Docile ; Female: Calm
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