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Unlockable - Merits

Merits are awards/achievments you can earn by doing different things in a given level. However, you need to complete the level in order to get them.

Unlockable:How to unlock:
5TH CellSpawn a 5TH Cell employee.
All NewComplete a level with objects you've never used before.
ArchitectWrite 2 buildings.
ArrrrrrAttach the Jolly Roger to a flagpole.
AudiophileWrite 2 or more instruments or audio objects.
BioterroristIntroduce the plague and infect 2 or more people.
BotanistWrite 2 or more plants.
ChauffeurDrive a vehicle with more than one passenger
ChefWrite two or more foods
ClosetWrite two or more clothes.
ComboCombine any two objects together.
CupidShoot a humanoid with Cupid's arrow.
DecoratorWrite 2 furniture objects.
ElectrolysisShock someone with electricity.
ElementalWrite more than one element.
EntertainerWrite 2 or more entertainment objects.
EntomologistSpawn two or more insects.
EnvironmentalistWrite 2 or more environmental objects.
ExplosiveSpawn two or more objects that explode.
ExterminatorTwo or more humanoidsor animals start a level, and are destroyed.
FantasynovelWrite 2 fantasy objects.
FirefighterPut out at least 2 fires.
GeniusComplete a level twice in a row.
GluttonFeed someone or something 3 times in a row.
Gold DiggerSpawn three or more precious stones.
HealerSpawn two or more medical objects.
HerpetologistWrite 2 or more reptiles.
HumanitarianWrite two or more humans.
InfectedSpawn a zombie and make it infect at least two humanoids.
JanitorSpawn two or more cleaning objects.
JockeyUse an animal as a vehicl.e
Knight SchoolKill a dragon using a melee weapon.
LumberjackCut down three or more trees.
Mad HatterPlace a hat on four or more humanoids or animals.
MagicianUse the magic wand to turn something into a toad.
Marine BiologistWrite 2 or more fish.
MechanicJump start a vehicle.
MilitantUse 2 weapons and 1 weaponized vehicle.
Miner 49erDig a massive hole.
MiserObtain a total of 300,000 or more Ollars
New ObjectWrite a completely new item.
No WeaponsDon't write a weapon to complete a level.
Novice AnglerCatch a fish with a fishing pole.
Organ DonorSpawn two or more organs.
OrnithologistWrite 2 or more birds.
PaleontologistSpawn two ore more dinosaurs.
PariahMake 3 humanoids or animals flee.
PiEarn exactly 314 Ollars in a level.
PicassoWrite 2 or more drawing object tools.
PilotSpawn two or more aircraft.
ProdigyComplete a level 3 times in a row.
PyromaniacSet at least 4 objects on fire in a level.
ReanimatorBring a corpse back to life.
Roped InWrite 2 or more rope objects.
Russian DollPlace an object inside another object, and then place that object into a third object.
SaviorTwo or more humanoids or animals start and finish a level alive.
Sea TwoWrite 2 or more sea vehicles.
ShovelerSpawn two or more digging objects.
SmasherWrite 2 or more melee weapons.
SmugglerHide an item in a container.
StealthDestory a security camera.
Sweet ToothWrite 2 or more junk foods.
Tooling AroundWrite 2 or more tool objects.
WashingtonChop down a Cherry tree.
Water JockeyUse a sea animal as a vehicle.
WhispererRide a hostile animal.
ZookeeperWrite two or more animals.
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Code - Secret creatures

There are many codes in this game, which may totally help you in heated battle.

ZweihanderLarge sword
HaubergeonChest Plate
HyraxLittle Baby Bear
Zachary (Francks)Pretty Young Girl
HatchbackCute little Vehicle
FoyerHouse Stuff
YemPretty Tank Top
CoshBilly Club
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Code - Awesome things

These are a few things that me and my bro found please rate because we think they are good. well my name is "puyo"send me some messages and I'll send you some back I'm new here so I'm getting used to it. ...............................

cruiser(vechile)makes a wicked bike
liza female zombie
phoenixa fire bird
inubusan egyptian dog
jackelopea hare cross deer
fanatica fan
ray guna laser gun
teleportera teleportation device
eurohounda husky
rayguna laser gun
Tycoona guy with a money bag
inventivea pic of maxwell
pedicaba little cab
phoenixa fire bird
pyroa fire guy
shrink raya ray that shrinks you
black knighta blood thirsty knight
daoa curved but deadly sword
destroyera big jumbo destroyer
dhonia little red raft
fanatica fan
clippera battleship
hack/taxia transportation
hideouta red home
hurdy gurdya banjo
hydraa three headed beast
hydroa jet that doesn't fly
liza female zombie
magica freezing thing that works once
shrink rayu know what it is
space guna big cannon
stealth bombera space jet that is black
ziggurata ancient egyptian pyramid
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