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Secret - Cool Items, Ferocious Beasts and some Easter Eggs.

Chi - Spawns a friendly chinese dragon.

Cthuhul - Spawns a cool beast.

Developers - Type a name of a 5th Cell developer to spawn them. (You don't need o type the full name of any of them except "Matt Cox".

Freeze Ray - Spawns a gun that temporarily freezes the target.

Kraken - Spawns a killer squid. (You may also type "Giant Squid")

Liz - Spawns a Robot Woman that can turn humans into other Liz. It is afraid of its own kind.

Lol Wut - Spawns a giant Maxwell head.

Lunar Lander - Spawns a Lunar Lander that can fly.

Lunar Rover - Spawns a Lunar Rover that can fly.

Shrink Ray - Spawns a gun that shrinks the target to ease defeating it.

Teleporter - Teleports you to a random area.

Time Machine - Takes you to ancient times.

Vending Machine Glitch - In action levels where you have to get the Starite, attach HANDCUFFS to the Starite and a VENDING MACHINE. Suddenly, you'll get an option to Fill, click it and you can drag the Starite in the Vending Machine anywhere around the map.

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Secret - Tame Monsters

To tame creatures you can ride but will attack you, feed it three foods. It will fall asleep and when it wakes up, you can ride it.

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