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Animal Crossing
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Secret - How to get gold items

gold ax: get a perfect town raiting

gold shovel: find a little spot on the ground that is shining kind of gold dig it up and bury your shovel [this requires two shovels] and it should be a gold leaf tree and when it is full grown when you come into town right by it is a golden shovel

golden net: catch every bug there is and the next day the mayer will delivet it to you

golden fishing rod: catch every fish and the next day the mayer will deliver it to you

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Secret - K. K. songs

Aloha K.K

Cafe K.K.

Comrade K.K.


Go K.K. Rider!

I Love You

Imperial K.K.

K.K. Aria

K.K. Ballad

K.K. Blues

K.K. Bossa

K.K. Calypso

K.K. Casbah

K.K. Chorale

K.K. Condor

K.K. Country

K.K. Cruisin'

K.K. D & B

K.K. Dirge

K.K. Etude

K.K. Faire

K.K. Folk

K.K. Fusion

K.K. Gumbo

K.K. Jazz

K.K. Lament

K.K. Love Song

K.K. Lullaby

K.K. Mambo

K.K. March

K.K. Parade

K.K. Ragtime

K.K. Reggae

K.K. Rock

K.K. Safari

K.K. Salsa

K.K. Samba

K.K. Ska

K.K. Song

K.K. Soul

K.K. Steppe

K.K. Swing

K.K. Tango

K.K. Technopop

K.K. Waltz

K.K. Western

Lucky K.K.

Mr. K.K.

Only Me

Rockin' K.K.

Senor K.K.

Soulful K.K.

Surfin' K.K.

The K. Funk

Two Days Ago

Two Days Ago, Only Me, I Love You, & K. K. song only play if u request them

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Unlockable - Golden Shovel

you'll need 2 shovels to do this go and fined any gold part of the ground (bells that were buried) or plant some bells and dig them up don't cover the hole bury the shovel and when the tree is fully groun shake the gold tree and you'll get a golden shovel (i used the password to get it but before i buried a shovel at the gold part)the passwords the cheat

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Secret - Rare Fish Catching Tip

The 3 rarest fish in (Animal Crossing) are the Arowana/Golden Dragon Fish, Arapamia and the rarest of them all the Cruceathan.


Time of day-mid day


value-10.000 bells


Rarity 9.8



Time of day-after 8pm



Shadow-Huge(Bigger than U have ever seen can clog up stream when sideways)

Rarity 9.9

Weather-clear days NO rain


Time of day-9am to around 6/7 pm

Season-All year


Shadow-same size as Arapamia/Huge

Rarity 10

Weather-Rainy days !ONLY!

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