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Fire Red
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Secret - How to get pichu and magby

you can get this two..."pichu" to get pichu,go to the island 4 and go to the day care center.you must have a ckiditto before you do this.and the lady will ask you if you want to raise your pokemon,first,give her your ditto and pikachu.and then,your ditto will turn into pichu.next,give her your ditto and magmar,same as you did to pikachu and ditto.now if you had the two.raise that two fucking pokemon and beat all the shitting trainers

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Secret - Cloning masterball and rare candy

First you need a ditto or any pokemon you want and a rainbow pass..go to island two and go to the daycare..hold whetheir the rare candy or masterball to ditto before giving it to the daycare...with the other pokemon..wait until the man gives you an egg and until it hatches..take the item and you can have another one..i earned 70 masterballs in one day..jeje

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