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Code - Wizard City Free Rare Pets

Okay, so I know that some people want cool Wizard101 pets to have. Well, I have a few ways to find some cool pets.

#1. Rattlebones in Unicorn Way will give you a Myth Sprite if you face him a ton of times.

#2. General Akilles in Cyclops Lane will give you a Blue Ghost if you face him enough also.

#3. Swiftarrow in Firecat Alley will give you a Sprite ( or farie, I dont know for sure).

#4. Lord Nightshade in Triton Avenue will give you a mini version of himself and a Blue Banshee.

#5. And finally, Grubb in Sunken city will give you a Blue Cat Thug ( very hard to get cuz grubb is really hard)

Well thats all, Please comment if this helped or if you have found any other rare pets, Thanks!

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