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Secret - Betty Jetty

First you need your flying powers which you will get from a phone. Fly to the top of the bank. There'll be a little video. When she flies off fly up and dodge her attacks. How you ask Well here are her 3 main attacks.

The 2 by 2 set: When she aims them she will aim them at you of course. Stay in the same spot until she releases them. She does swiftly move to the edge. The rest of the four she releases will follow so flty quickly.

One: Whne she aims one, just sway back and forth dodging her attack.

The row of 4: Just wait. This is just a fear tatic. They will leave an opening. Fly through that opening. If there isn't an opening formed move to the side. Once, they are launched, they wont follow.

HOPE IT HELPS! :D Good luck.

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Secret - How to get a hidden item in Poptropica

Step 1: Go to early Poptropica .

Step 2: Go to Poptropica towers (to the left)

Step 3: Now go to the green tower and go up.

Step 4:Find the window with a orange flower.

Step 5: Click on the first square (or find an pointer).You will get a cool coustume:a hypnotic! It's also the 4th rarest item in Poptropica history!

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Glitch - Double Jump

Now I know this may seem a bit useless, but it can really help if you're one of those lazy people. First of all, you need a certain item to do this, and it can be unlocked if you put this code into the Promo Code box at the shop: APPLEBEES12 (don't ask, I had Applebee's for dinner.) It unlocks an Applebees based suit, which has your character holding an apple. Get the apple (make sure you're not wearing any of the gum mouths, or it won't work). Now, after you have it on, jump anywhere. Then, press the Spacebar. You should say "Applebees"! and it should start raining apples. Right when it happens, act as if you're jumping on the ground. You'll actually jump in the air. AGAIN! If this was confusing, sorry. I'll make a video about it soon.

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