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Secret - Quizzy word challenge: easy first bonus word

if you noticed when you play the game, there will be a button that says shuffle. if you click on it, quizzy will say"the first three shuffles are free." if u shuffle more than three times it will cost you a few points which you need to pass the level. so as soon as you start the game, keep clicking shuffle until you see the letters that spell the bonus word.

Warning:if you press the shuffle button more than three times after you spell the bonus word, you will lose points if you continue to click shuffle.

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Secret - Muzzle mouth mine

go into the muzzle mouth mine to find un common gems.

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Secret - How to Get Badges in Webkinz World

Proud Pet Owner (10 pets)

Big Happy Family (25 pets)

Lots of Lovable Pets (50 pets)

Super Collector (150 pets)

Ultimate Webkinz Collector (300 pets)



Freshman (purple)

Sophomore (red)

Junior (silver)

Senior (gold)



Dog's Best Friend (adopt a dog)

A Horse of Course (adopt a horse)

Feline Companion (adopt a cat)

Friend of the Fish (adopt a fish)

Friend of the Fowl (adopt a bird)



Warm and Fuzzy (click on I Love My Webkinz every day for one week)

Dr. Quack's Helper (take a sick pet to Dr. Quack)

Trivia is Terrific (complete a set of 50 questions at Quizzy's Question Corner)

Month of Quizzy's (complete one month of daily bonus questions at Quizzy's Question Corner)

Wish Come True (make a wish at the Wish Factory



Great Guess (win the Jellybean Challenge)

Quick Draw Winner (win a Quick Draw)

Wacky Bingoz Big Winner (win Wacky Bingoz)



It's My Birthday (log in to Webkinz World on your birthday)

Love to Give (only available on February 14, send a Kinzpost message with 3 heart shaped stamps)

There are probably more holiday badges on the way from Webkinz. I will update as they come in, but don't forget to go to Webkinz World on every holiday!


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Secret - Clothing combos

Here are some clothing machine combos I know. You might not have the taste for some of these.

Kimono: Chalk Flower Top, Bright Green Swim Trunks, Smocked Sun dress

Bright Spies Trench Coat: Cowboy Hat, Dark Shades, Wing Tip Shoes

Glass Slippers: Ruby Red Shoes, Princess Hat, Pink Glasses

Superstar Shirt: Purple Mod Hat, White Hollywood Shades, Funky Flower Pants

Beautiful Blue Ballgown: Powdered Blue Skirt, Blue Bow, Ballerina Top

That's It. Check out Raven's Clothing Recipies Q&A Thread for more.

Note: Some of these I did not test, the ones I didn't do my friend did.

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