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Secret - Getting Two Gaia Cleavers

Getting two Gaia Cleavers

You can easily get two of the most powerful weapon for Presea, the Gaia Cleaver. When you are able to get it (after level 80 or when Presea has learned all of her techs in the tree you chose) go to Ozette again and speak to the man next to Presea's dad's grave. He'll give you the Gaia Cleaver. Now, without living that screen, equip it on Presea from the new items menu (not always works from the equip menu) and talk to the man again. He'll give you another Gaia Cleaver

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Secret - God Mode

God Mode

Alright, I found a glitch in ToS, to make yourself completely invincible. To do it, follow the instructions below:

Go into a battle with low HP, and are able to use a unison attack IMMEDIATELY

Now, just as you get hit and loose your remaining HP, quickly unleash your unison attack. Your timing must be perfect.

Now, the character who unleashed the U. Attack will continue the attack with 0 HP, and when the unison attack ends, your character will continue to fight, with 0 HP. You will still take damage from monsters, they just cannot kill you. I dunno if they fixed this for the PS2 version, but thanks to it, I was able to destroy Shadow (The summon spirit) single handedly with Lloyd (To bad Kratos is gone at that time). Also, if you have a healer on your team, MAKE SURE IT DOES NOT HEAL!!! The healer will bring back your HP, and you'll have to do it all over again. Make sure you have characters alive who are not in your attack team, because after the battle, your fighting team will die. If your against a boss you think is invincible, think again!

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Glitch - Red Light, Green Light Glitch:

Red Light, Green Light Glitch

When playing Red Light, Green Light in Tethe'alla, press Start when the Sea-Katz begin to turn around. You'll be asked if you want to quit. Select no, and when you go back to the game, Genis will be standing still regardless of whether or not he was in the middle of a move. This is a cheap, easy way to ensure that you never get caught by the Sea-Katz when he turns around.

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Secret - WOOT! All Divide's!!!!

You can get so many All-divides you can carry. Here's the description how to get them:

1. Go to fight Fake. You can find fakes from three different places. Triet Ruins: When you enter there, go left and then north. There's a treasure chest and it's Fake. Meltokio Sewers: Very near the end. You can't miss it. Latheon Gorge: When you enter the cave, there's a tresure chest very near the entrance.

2. Make sure Colette is in your party and has elemental weapon or gem.

3. Use Item Thief/Rover to stole an All-divide.

4. Make sure you don't kill the Fake. If you do, that Fake is gone and doesn't come back.

5. Escape from the battle.

6. Enter it again and repeat this.

This way you can get so many All-divides as you want or you can carry. You can steal an All-divide from Fake as many times as you want. Just make sure Colette has elemental weapon/gem equipped and Fake doesn't die.

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Secret - Grade Shop

Complete the game once and save when the game prompts you to do so, restart the game using that same file and the game will tell you to insert Disk 1. Upon doing so, you are taken to a screen where you can purchase various options with GRADE that you may have accumualted over the course of the game.

*You will receive 1000 extra GRADE by beating the last boss.

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Glitch - Kratos & Zelos No Damage with advantage

Well I do this every time when I'm in battle with them making them partially immortal to any damage.

What you do is:

1. Use Guardian

2. Hurry up when he is using guardian and Cast a spell like Thunder Blade OR Healing Stream


[Hint: Won't work for the spell "Judgement"]

3. Hold out on the spell and it will say "Charge" on top of the face of Kratos Or Zelos But Only If you have the EX SKILL: Spell Charge.

4. Look what happen now your just standing in place and still no damage from the enemy. Now you can use any combo on them and after you cast out your spell etc. The Glitch will be gone and your back to yourself getting hit again and taking damage. Then Do it Again and choose which ever spell you want.

5. Though you can use as much as you want in battle. This really help me out when I battle Abyssion all by my self with only Kratos AS ME and Sheena Only Alive. Sheena couldn't really revive a lot and right in the middle of battle I figure out how to use it, I manage to beat him at Mania Mode and revive Genis and Raine. I finished him off with a Prism Star. And It was the first time I battle him in Mania Mode.

{Kratos:lvl 78, Sheena:lvl 75, Genis:lvl 79, Raine:lvl 78}

Hope I was Helpful! Reply If You Want.

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Secret - Raine Invincibility

In Battle, the main thing you want to do is protect your magicians Right

SO Equip Raine With These Items

(Devil Arm wpn from Abysson make her attacks from 200 attacks to 1350-2600)

Armor: Spirit Robe

Guards: Every Element

(Get It After Defeating Maxwell)

Head Ass.: Element Circlet

Guard: Fire, Water, Wind, and Earth

(Actually you can get 2 of these from Seles before Zelos dies and after when You Go in a single match in advanced class)

Hint: Prefer Kratos Or Sheena to fight her

Hand Ass: Penguin gloves

Guard: Ice

(From the old man in the jewel shop at Flanior)

Ass. 1: Reflect Rings

Guard: Every Element

(You Can Get it from Origin)

Hint: You can also get more relfect rings and force rings in the UnderWorld Book at Sybak But It will only appear in there after you talk to the elf in Heimdall when its destroyed then will it appear.

Ass. 2: Persian Boots

Guard: Every Element and Reduces Physical Damage

(Its from when you complete the UnderWorld Book but you don't have to brun the flame if you want to go back in there and get more force rings and get rune bottles to change it to reflect rings or keep them the same.)

You Will See This On Status Of Her

Water:Absorb Lightning:Resist

Wind:Absorb Earth:Absorb

Fire:Absorb Ice:Abosrb

Light:Resist Darkness:Resist

Absorb: "It Heals You"

Resist: "Does No damage to you"

It would be really helpful in boss battles espicially abyssion, Mithos, and the expedition match

If you want to reply go ahead Hope I was helpful

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Secret - Free Kendama

If you begin the Devil's Arm Quest, After a few Devil's Arm's, go to Altimira and sleep at the inn. Say yes that you want to go out at night. Head to the Casino Area. Go on the bridge and you will see a young man. He says he will sell you a kendama for 1,000 Gald. Say yes and then check your Gald. You actually spent 0 Gald!

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Secret - Customize your game window!

This is one of the most amusing things in the game (in my opinion). If you've won the game multiple times like me, then a change in the game window is really nice. (plus the default one kinda sucks after a while)...

So, here are my favorite ones!

1. I like to call this one My Favorite Screen #1

Window: C

Window Background: F

Menu BG Top:

R: 0

G: 48

B: 16

A: 255

Menu BG Bottom

R: 29

G: 32

B: 128

A: 224

Menu Cursor Line

R: 112

G: 144

B: 24

A: 128

Menu Window

R: 0

G: 8

B: 64

A: 255

System Window

R: 24

G: 72

B: 72

A: 232

Main Window

R: 0

G: 0

B: 112

A: 232

Enemy Window

R: 112

G: 56

B: 56

A: 232

This concludes my first window example. I plan to add more later! My next ones are better!

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Secret - Looking for a challenge?

I'm not sure it this would be considered a secret or not, but oh well :)

If you're looking for ways to make the game harder, then you should visit the Grade Shop!

The Grade Shop appears at the end of the game.

First you need to select Min HP, which will bring you to the lowest possible health when starting the game.

Then there should be an option about EXP. You need to bring that down so it's at the minimum.

Finally, when you start a new game, select Mania battle mode.

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Secret - Abyssion weapons: 1-hit kills!

This is quite good if you want a very powerful weapon, better than the best ones in the game! I'm going to this from Lloyd's perspective.

So, get the weapons and defeat Abyssion. If you're on a high difficulty, turn down to normal at this point. Now, goto earlier points in the game and equip the weapon that you had to get for Lloyd for the quest. Kill a ton of enemies, and I mean about 100-200 enemies so it gets stronger. Do this on stronger and stronger enemies, and eventually (About 3 hours) it will be better than the tasunagi blade. If you do it long enough, you'll be able to 1-hit most enemies (except bosses, take a few years of killing enemies for 1-hitting them). If you want a dynamic ending to a battle, use this with rising Phoenix or something similar.

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