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Tales of Symphonia
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Secret - Looking for a challenge?

I'm not sure it this would be considered a secret or not, but oh well :)

If you're looking for ways to make the game harder, then you should visit the Grade Shop!

The Grade Shop appears at the end of the game.

First you need to select Min HP, which will bring you to the lowest possible health when starting the game.

Then there should be an option about EXP. You need to bring that down so it's at the minimum.

Finally, when you start a new game, select Mania battle mode.

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Code - Eternal Sword ( Awsome glitch!)

First make sure Lloyd has the Material Blades and the Eternal Swordsman title on and Sheena in your party. Then put everyone in your party on manual. Remove anything off Lloyd that will raise his defense. Then go into the deepest part of Derris-kharlan and fight one of the angels around. let them kill you and then put Sheena on Auto and when she revives you with 0 HP put her back on manual and get one of the angels attention. When they cast a powerful spell such as Ice Tornado, Eruption ect. use falcons crest ( quickly press x, a, and b at the time, and make sure you do it before the spell kills you) and when you die you'll be laying there with the eternal sword in your hand. When i did it, it worked but it froze and i didn't get to fight with it, so make sure you save before attempting this cheat. But trust me, you can fight with it. There are YouTube videos where they fight with it, so yeah, it works.

die while using falcons crestyou can weild the eternal sword
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Code - How To Make Lloyd Use Any Tech. (Glitch)

Okay, with this Lloyd can use any tech. Okay, first to practice have everyone on manual and fight a weak enemy. On Lloyd's shortcut of up and down make it tiger blade. Then use tiger blade by pressing it up and down and as soon as Lloyd uses Tiger Blade press Y. Lloyd should still be doing tiger blade while the game is paused then go to tech and make Lloyd's Tiger Blade shortcut turn into the tech you want him to do. Example, judgment. Make the shortcut judgment and then very quickly un pause the game and use the shortcut while your in the air. You will then start doing the tech. Lloyd can use any tech except summoning. But if it works, you can't use any techs the rest of the battle.

tiger blade in air switch techsLloyd will use any tech
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Code - Summon Spirit Item Glitch

Okay, after you fight and beat Maxwell, he will give you the Turquoise. But on the description it says you got it from Origin.

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Secret - Abyssion weapons: 1-hit kills!

This is quite good if you want a very powerful weapon, better than the best ones in the game! I'm going to this from Lloyd's perspective.

So, get the weapons and defeat Abyssion. If you're on a high difficulty, turn down to normal at this point. Now, goto earlier points in the game and equip the weapon that you had to get for Lloyd for the quest. Kill a ton of enemies, and I mean about 100-200 enemies so it gets stronger. Do this on stronger and stronger enemies, and eventually (About 3 hours) it will be better than the tasunagi blade. If you do it long enough, you'll be able to 1-hit most enemies (except bosses, take a few years of killing enemies for 1-hitting them). If you want a dynamic ending to a battle, use this with rising Phoenix or something similar.

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