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Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker
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Secret - Enemys on their respected floor in the Savages Labyrinth

Floor #01: No enemies; an exit

Floor #02: Keese

Floor #03: Miniblins

Floor #04: Bokoblins

Floor #05: Red Chus

Floor #06: Magtails

Floor #07: Keese & Miniblins

Floor #08: Keese & Magtails

Floor #09: Keese & Bokoblins

Floor #10: Moblins

Floor #11: No enemies: you will find an exit on this floor

Floor #12: Peahats

Floor #13: Green Chus

Floor #14: Boko Babas

Floor #15: Bokoblins

Floor #16: Mothulas

Floor #17: Peahats & Boko Babas

Floor #18: Bokoblins & Green Chus

Floor #19: Bokoblins & Mothulas

Floor #20: Mothulas

Floor #21: No enemies: you will find an exit on this floor

Floor #22: Wizzrobes

Floor #23: Armos

Floor #24: Armos Knights

Floor #25: Electric yellow Chus

Floor #26: Red Bubbles

Floor #27: Bokoblins & Darknut

Floor #28: Armos & Wizzrobe

Floor #29: Armos Knights & Red Bubbles

Floor #30: Darknuts

Floor #31: Triforce Chart #6, No enemies, you will find an exit on this floor, but you may also Shine light on a statue using your mirror shield to continue on for Piece of Heart)

Floor #32: ReDeads

Floor #33: Blue bubbles

Floor #34: Dark Chus

Floor #35: Poes

Floor #36: Mothulas

Floor #37: Moblins & ReDeads

Floor #38: Dark Chus & Mothula

Floor #39: Moblins & Poes

Floor #40: Stalfos & Blue Bubbles

Floor #41: No enemies you will find an exit on this floor

Floor #42: Miniblins

Floor #43: Red Chus, Green Chus, & Electric Yellow Chus

Floor #44: Wizzrobes (appear when switch is hit with Skull Hammer)

Floor #45: Bokoblins

Floor #46: ReDeads & Stalfos

Floor #47: Moblins & Darknuts

Floor #48: Wizzrobes & Darknuts & Laser Perimeter

Floor #49: Stalfos & Bomb Flower Field

Floor #50: Darknuts & Fireball Perimeter

Floor #51: Piece of Heart and exit

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Secret - Helmaroc King

The Helmaroc King attacks using forceful winds to drive you into spikes on the sides, and by using a very powerful peck. However, when he misses his peck, his beak is stuck in the ground for some time. At this moment, you can the Skull Hammer to smash his mask. After smashing it four times, it breaks.His head is now vulnerable to the Master Sword as well as the Skull Hammer and arrows. Even the Boomerang and the Grappling Hook are capable of damaging him.

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Glitch - Gohma's Lava

Interestingly, if Link falls into the lava at the beginning of the cut scene involving Gohma's death, he can be seen bouncing across the pit all through the cut scene.

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Glitch - Grandma Stop

1) After you've obtained Farore's Pearl go to Outset Island with a Fairy in a bottle.

2) Stand in front of Grandma with the Fairy equipped to a button.

3) Press the button to use the Fairy and then immediately press start(you more or less have to press them at the same time, otherwise the game won't pause).

3) Equip any item other than a bottle to the button that the Fairy was on and unpause.

The Fairy will heal Grandma, and she'll say her part about her being a terrible Grandma, then the game crashes.

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Glitch - Empty Islands

1) Go to one of the Fairy islands or Outset Island.

2) Use a Hyoi Pear to take control of a seagull.

3) Fly the Seagull into the Fairy fountain/Savage dungeon entrance hole.

The seagull will fly through the bottom of the hole and appear inside the island where you can fly around.

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Glitch - Illusionary Wood

1) Go to the Windfall Island dock.

2) Either by climbing up or falling off, get Link hanging off the edge of the stone area where the dock meets the land.

3) While still hanging off the edge move along it towards the dock.

You can go right through the wooden dock as though it wasn't there.

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Glitch - Piggy Swimmers

1) Go to Windfall Island and throw the pigs into the water.

2) While they are still in the water talk to the man near the Bomb shop and choose to play his game for 3 Skull necklaces.

3) Once the game starts go and find the pigs.

They will be swimming around on land, the pig up near the jail entrance will even make ripples. If you push any of them off the edge of something they will slowly spiral down to the ground below. Picking them up will return them to normal.

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Glitch - Silence is Golden

1) Sail around, doing whatever you please, until dawn.

2) As dawn approaches, you'll hear the classic "sunrise" theme. While this theme is playing, take out the Wind Waker and conduct the Ballad of Gales.

3) Warp to Windfall Island, then immediately head for land.

If done right, you will be at Windfall with no music whatsoever. The music doesn't come back, even as the sun rises high up in the sky (time does pass for a while, even though you're at a place where day doesn't change to night or vice-versa). To bring back the music, simply head into any building or leave the island. (Might also work at other places.)

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Glitch - Gull Lock

1) Take control of a Seagull with Hyoi Pear.

2) If you fly far enough away from the island you're on the Gull will be forced to turn around. Try and press R exactly as the Gull begins to turn.

If you do it right the Gull will get partway through the turn then freeze, you now can't do anything. If you wait a few minutes control returns to Link as though nothing had happened.

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Glitch - Strong Link

1) Get a bottle full of Forest water.

2) Go to anywhere where there is a large stone head you can pick up (with the Power Bracelets), eg: Outset island, Star island.

3) Pick up the head.

4) Wait until the Forest water expires, then get rid of the message.

You'll now be able to run around holding the stone head as though it were a smaller object. This works with other large objects as well, such as the big pig.

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Glitch - Scene Leftover

1) Start a new game.

2) Play until after the cinematic where the Helmaroc King drops Tetra into the woods atop Outset Island.

3) Stand in the Northwest corner of Aryll's Lookout and face Northwest.

4) Take out your Telescope and look around in the sky in front of and above you.

You should be able to find a small grey speck in the sky (you can't see it without your Telescope), zooming in on it will reveal it to be one of the stones the pirates were catapulting.

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Glitch - Frosty Floater

1) Find a raft on the Great Sea with a Bokoblin on it.

2) Shoot the Bokoblin with an Ice Arrow to freeze it.

3) While it's frozen pick it up and throw it into the water.

The frozen Bokoblin will hover away above the water for a short distance before it unfreezes and the Bokoblin drowns. (Works with other enemys at sea)

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