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The Legend of Zelda: Spirit Tracks
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Easter Egg - Doves

This is completely random, but if you play The Song of Birds at Aboda Village or some other place with doves, one will fly up and land on your head!

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Easter Egg - Fun in Castle Town

This is really stupid. First play the Songof birds near the house with the Cucco on top to get it to fly down. Then grab it and climb up the stairs that were blocked off by blocks, if you blew them up already. Go around the castle wall until you get close to the the Cucco pen and jump on to it. Walk down and throw all the Cuccos out. (Please leave a comment saying whether you think the guy in the pen should be ticked off.) Then for more pandemonium, play the Song of Birds again!

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Easter Egg - Tingle

Tingle has been seen throughout some of the Legend of Zelda Games like Wind Waker, Four Swords Adventure, and a few others. He usually gives Link Maps and Charts of areas in the game.

There are three places where you can find these "Tingles" in Spirit Tracks.

1.You'll find a statue of Tingle in Castle Town's Shop. He'll be on the right side of the room, inside the Shop.

2.You'll also see a picture if Tingle's Face in Ferus's house, which is in Wellspring Station in the Snow Realm. It is on the right side of the room inside his house. (It's a little blurry)

3.You'll find a Tingle Statue in the Trading Post, where Lineback III is. It is on the left side of the Trading House Room where you meet him.

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Secret - A Method For Quick Rupees

First, go to the Ocean Realm. Drive across the Train Tracks that are placed above the Ocean~Water. If you haven't noticed already, Jellyfish will appear sometimes while crossing over there. They came back from Phantom Hourglass.

If you haven't played Phantom Hourglass, this method is similar to the one in that game.

As soon as you see the Jellyfish, stop the train. Make sure you have the Jellyfish in sight, and no Pirate Ships are going to attack you. Use the cannon to hit the Jellyfish repeatedly. Each time you hit the Jellyfish, you get a Rupee. Make sure that the Jellyfish won't go into the water, because it will disappear if it does. Eventually, the Jellyfish will split into two.

Now, you can get Rupees 2x faster. The same thing continues on, you hit the Jellyfish with your Cannonballs and they will eventually split into two again.

However, the Jellyfish tend to separate and go into different directions quickly when splitting apart. It makes it harder to hit both of them quickly enough so they won't sink into the ocean.

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Secret - Swordsman Scroll

Ok, so first you need to find all of the stamp stations and use them to stamp that beautiful book that you receive from Niko at the beginning of the game. Once you have accomplished this, head back to Aboda village and speak to Niko twice. The second time, he will give you a swordsman scroll, which enables you to do the 'Great Spin' attack, which also appears in The Phantom Houglass, and the Wind Waker.

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Secret - Switch Link's Clothes

Ok, so before you can do this, you need to collect 15 stamps for the stamp book, and then return to Aboda village and speak to Niko. He will remark on how well you've done, then will allow you to switch between your green getup and the engineer's clothes.

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Secret - BOMB BAG

Here is how to get a bomb bag.First you need to have a snake whip.Second you have to go to whittleton.Third you have to find a guy standing there.Fourth you need to finish the race in time.Then you get the bomb bag for the best time.

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Unlockable - How Many

There is a contest everday,and there is an amount of post cards you need to put in to get first second third,and im gonna show you how to get them.

First PlaceYou need to post in 20 Post card to win.
Second PlaceYou need to put in 15 post cards to win second place.
Third PlaceYou need to put in 5-10 post cards to win third place
NothingYou put none at all if you dont want anything.
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Code - Bomb dance

To do this you must have unlocked the bomb once you have you press the r button over and over again rally fast.

P.S this is also compatible with Zelda phantom hour glass.

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