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Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles: Echoes of Time
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Unlockable - Hard Modes

Unlockable:How to unlock:
Hard ModeBeat the game once to unlock the Hard difficulty level.
Very Hard ModeBeat the game on Hard Mode to unlock Very Hard Mode.
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Unlockable - Secret Characters

Unlockable:How to unlock:
Assassin (Female Selke)Appears on Hard or Very Hard only, world map, near Desert Ruins, must be in Multiplayer and have an extensive friends list.
Gerald (Male Clavat)Appears on Hard or Very Hard only, world map near forest, must have 1,000 kills.
Penguin (Female Lilty)Appears on any Difficulty, in front of the Library, must be on Very Hard to recruit.
Red Mage (Male Selke)Appears on any Difficulty, in front of the library, pay 5,000 Gil.
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Secret - Secret Dungeon

Beat the main game. After the ending of the game, back to the world map and the secret dungeon will be unlocked at the lower right of the map.

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Unlockable - Ring of fate bosses

Final Fantasy chystal Chronicles: ring of fates (the elder FFCC game) has a link to this game... you can fight the bosses you fought in the old game by doing the following things!!!!!

Ring of Fates bossesReturn to the Library after the events there and kill all the enemies on the first floor. A warp point will appear leading to a room where you can fight the bosses from Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles: Ring of Fates
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Unlockable - Secret characters (added)

I know there was a cheat by cgub for the secret characters but he left some of the new characters out... here are all the secret characters and how to get them. Perform the actions below to unlock additional characters:

Assassin (female selke)Near the Desert Ruins on the World Map / Hard or Very Hard / Only in Multiplayer (requires lots of friends on your list)
Gerald (male clavat)Near Forest on World Map / Hard or Very Hard / Need 1,000 kills.
Nun (female clavat)In Library 1 / Complete Library 3 on Hard / Talk to her and complete the quest "Monster Busters 2" then return
Penguin (female lilty)In front of Library on any difficulty / recruit in Very Hard Mode
Red mage (male selke)In front of the Library / Any difficulty / Costs 5,000 Gil
Rid Dek (male lilty)After 100 hours of gameplay, this character in front of the Adventurer's Guild.
Female yukeNear the end of the game on Normal, Yuke hides somewhere on the world map (patch of brown). Cast a spell at her location and talk to her.
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Secret - Diving

When your diving to get an item you dont have to press Y you can just touch it and its automatically collected

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Secret - Scratch Cards

Sometimes, after you defeat a monster, a card will appear. Once you have obtained it, head to town. Go right until you reach the Adventurer's Guild. There is a staircase leading down to a moggle with a shop. The moggle will redeem your scratch card if you are clever enough to solve the puzzle... You can then use the effect of your card from the main menu.

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