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Super Mario Sunshine
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Secret - 1 Up mushroom Paradise

First go to Pianta Village and go to the episode that says Piantas in need. Then wash of all the piantas that have lava on them put don't talk to them. Then when you finish saving all 10 talk to all of them and each one will give you a 1 Up mushroom. When your done talking you should get 10 mushrooms. You can do this as many times as you want!!!!

Good luck

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Secret - Long ride

You can dive and then slide for a long time by using the regular nozel to spray a little puddle of water in front of you and then diving into it and then pushing the control stick foward to go fast.

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Glitch - In The Cannon

Go to a cannon where a Pianta is working in. One is the cannon that leads to Pinna Park. That Pianta needs to be working on the cannon for this to work. Jump on the Pianta and try to use your Ground Pound. Keep doing this process again and again until you go through the cannon. You should be at the bottom of the cannon and under the Pianta, but you aren't able to go to Pinna Park.

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Glitch - Dieing While Talking

Enter the Pinna Park level where Green Flying Enemies are on the beach. Have one of them take your hat, causing you to slowly lose Health.

Next, talk to another person like a Pianta or Noki who is still in the Beach area.

Do not press A to go through the conversation. You'll notice you'll still be losing Health even when you are talking to the Pianta|Noki. Wait until you lose all of your health.

Mario will die, but the screen will be the same. You're still talking to the person!

However, when you scroll through the text in the conversation, you will lose a life and go out of the level.

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