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Lego Star Wars 2: The Original Trilogy
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Cheats - Lego City

Collect 60 gold bricks and then go outside the cantina go to the pile of gold bricks on the floor build them and then enter lego city. IN there you need to collect 1,000,000 studs good luck and you'll need every one you see

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Password - Random Codes

Enter codes at the cantina

DRX728Able to buy self destruct ( press X to self destruct)helpds keep studs when falling and you can go to a group of enemies and blow them all up.
BEN917Able to buy Ben Kenobi's Ghost (invisible due to disgise)
CL4U5HUnlocks Santa Hat and Clothes ( customizable charecter)
TYH319Unlocks Disgise #3 (white beard and glasses[ good with Santa code to finish the effect])
NBP398Unlock Disgise #2 (Rudloph nose)
HHY382Able to buy The Emporer
NXL973Able to buy IG-88
WTY721Able to buy Bib Fortuna
YWM840Able to buy Han Solo with hood
NAH118Able to buy Greedo
Well,that's what I've got for now. Maybe later ill post more.JUST KIDDING! I have more!
In my question I will try to put a picture of Santa fighting DV.Hope you like it.
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