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The Legend of Zelda: Phantom Hourglass
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Secret - Hidden Rupoor Area

To find the hidden rupoor area, go to Isle of the Dead. When u dock there, head to the eastern cave at the start. Once entered go to the path to the left and look at the wall that u can see the surface of and not in front of the Explorers Compass books. Bomb this wall about midway and enter the cave that appears. Once inside u should be in a area with a maze with "walls" made of rupoor, either 10 or 30. Along with the rupoor maze is some bats which should be taken out with a ranged weapon and not ur sword to avoid the rupoor. After the maze is complete u should be in a room with rupees, pots, and chests. In the chests are 2 ship parts, 1 treasure map, and 1 courage gem. After u claim these prizes u will find a path to the left which will take u to the entrance of the room.

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Glitch - Time manipulation and money

Locate the Traveler's Ship (the guy who gives you all of the treasure). Kill all of the enemies on board his ship, and then talk to him. After receiving the treasure, exit his ship and save your game. Turn off your DS, turn it back on, and head into the DS settings. Adjust the time and date (moving it forward one day, for instance), and restart your game. Return to the Traveler's Ship, repeat the same process as before, and you'll receive more treasure. Stock up using this method, and then go sell all of your goods. You can get 9,999 Rupees easily in about twenty minutes doing this.

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Secret - How to acquire the Hurricane spin

Do the following series of fetch-quests to get the Hurricane Spin ability:

1.) Go to the traveler's ship in the northeast section of the sea. Defeat the monsters you find there, and you will receive New Hero's Clothes, as well as a Treasure Map.

2.) Take the clothes to another traveler's ship, this one in the northwest section of the sea, and give them to the man there. He will give you the Kaleidoscope in return.

3.) Take your newfound Kaleidoscope to the traveler's ship in the southeast section of the sea and give it to the man in want of a telescope. He will give you the Guard's Notebook in return.

4.) Take this notebook to the traveler's ship in the southwest section of the sea and give it to the man you find there to acquire the Wood Heart.

5.) Finally, take the Wood Heart to the Old Wayfarer's Ship, and he will give you the scroll which will allow you to learn this technique!

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Secret - Secret Islands

Here is a list of secret islands:

* Spirit Island, SW Sea - South of Molida Island, there is three boulders, this island is in the center of the boulders

* Zauz's Island, NW Sea - A little Northwst of the Isle of Gust, directly above the fog

* Uncharted Island, NW Sea - Below Bannan Island

* Dee Ess Island, SE Sea - East of Goron Island

* Harrow Island, SE Sea - West of Isle of Frost

* Maze Island, NE Sea - A little Northwest of the Isle of Dead

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Easter Egg - Animal Crossing Reference

When you've first met the postman, he'll ask you not to shoot him with a slingshot in the air. This is a reference to a post man in Animal Crossing: Wild Word that suffers this and the postman in Phantom Hourglass is trying to avoid suffering the same fate!

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Secret - Defense Up!

Collect 10 Wisdom Gems. Go to that same island in the bottom left corner in the Southwest sea. The process is basically the same. You talk to the Fairy Princess and choose Wisdom. The Spirit of Wisdom will regain some of its strength. Equip it by going to your "Collection" and choose Spirit of Wisdom. Exit the "Collection" screen. You'll notice that your hearts are surrounded by a blue glow. You will now take less damage from attacks!

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Secret - Ransack the Mercahnt(Beetle's Ship)

Beetle's ship can only be accessed once a day; if you buy everything he has, he can only sell you potions. Beble's ship is a great place to get cheap treasure and rare ship parts (depending on the day). Go to his ship, and buy everything he has. Save the game, then turn off the DS. Turn it back on, and change the system date. Turn off the DS, then resume the game. You should start at your save point. Go to Beetle's ship, which should be closed. He should now have more or new stock.

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Secret - Hidden ship part

In the temple of the oce an king when u have to find the sea chart,when a phantom turns their back on you, quickly slash him with ur sword and keep on doing that untill they get to the edge of the cliff and push them off. do that with every one and a treasure chest will pop up. open it and u will get a randomly chosen ship part.

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Secret - The Scary Chickens (Please Don't Do It, Or Suffer The Secret Wrath Of Chickens)

Once when I went to Molida Island, I saw an island with a barrel on it. When I destroyed it with my boomerang, a chicken popped out!!! I kept hitting it with my boomerang to try and knock it into the water. Unfortunately, the chicken turned all red and started jumping up and down in anger. Suddenly, all these angry chickens ambushed me! I tried to kill them, and I didn't get one Rupee for it! I never knew chickens could be so dangerous!

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