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Fable: The Lost Chapters
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Secret - Easy good poInts

To do this simply go to twinblades camp at night.U will c alot of bandits but they dont attack u until u attack them.I suggest u kill them with the sword of avo or aeons.then u will get good points.Keep reapiting till u have a halo on ur head.thats whhat i did and now im sooooo good

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Glitch - Under water

Summon a minion on the dock on the beach in oakvale and u will go under water. be careful u will have to run and hold the guild seal to get out

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Secret - $$$$$ easy as running

1 buy houseand upgrade it

2 put up you best trophy

3 bash down door

4 sell house

5 take down trophy

6 buy house

7 do this again and again

How does this get you money

answer: trophies make a house more vauble

ex. house price 1500 gold put up trophy 1800 gold sell 1800 take down trophy buy 1500 gold

in that case every time you did that you profitted 300 gold

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