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Tales of Symphonia: Dawn of the New World
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Secret - How to Defeat Alice And Decus:

The trick to this fight is the field element. I suggest having Emil equip Tenebrae and spam Demon Fang until the main field element becomes dark.

Doing this will make Decus lose his regeneration ability.

Also set your monster strategy to Magic, so whenever Alice tries to heal, your monsters will banzai her and interrupt her spell.

As for Decus, never underestimate the power of Freerun, also try to have Emil hit Decus with an upward slash to knock him into the air. Your Emil should have Sky combo 2 so you can hit a 5 hit aerial combo on him in the air and if you have EX attack 2, you can charge the last hit in the combo to knock him down to the ground so you don't have to worry about him hitting you as you land.

Hope this helps.

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Secret - How to Evolve Crusader Into a Sword Dancer

First find a Dullcan or Crusader.

Make Sure To have a Philstone Stone and syenzise it into Heart Waren.

Equip it to the Crusader or Dullcan

Then level it up and so it ca evolve..

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Secret - How to steal items from monsters

While those 2 characters can steal there are also monsters who can steal as well.

Axe Beak is a good example, it may be basic but its Leg Sweep attack is a stealing move and it learns Item Getter, a skill that increases the steal success rate of Leg Sweep.

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Secret - Cape Fortress Blue Knight Puzzle

The monsters are only there for you to retry the puzzle, (it turns off the flames). to get to the blue knights side, you have to read the blue knight's journal which is on the left side of the room. I think the order is the scorpion, the gargoyle, the bird, the golem, the wolf, then the plant. But you can make sure by checking the wall on the left area, (you'll need to beat the igniter to come back up though).

If you wanted an ordering call the top left: 1 middle left: 2 bottom left: 3 bottom right:4 middle right:5 top right:6

Then the order would be 3,2,5,6,1,4

their descriptions are as follows:

1: man/beast

2: bad omen

3: stinger/scissors

4: sun/water

5: sharp claws/beak

6: stone

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Secret - How to find Philospher Stones

The best way is to go to Meltokio and enter the gold rank coliseum battle like Regal16 said. It's even easier if you have monsters with the skill item finder. (or Presea)

Another way to get Philosopher's Stones is from treasure chests in A or S ranked quests.

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Secret - Emil's Centurion boost

Influence COULD be the right word to use, but to answer your question, here's what happens.

When you get a Centurion's core, you also obtain a skill of the same name. That skill, when equipped, takes a certain arte and gives it the elemental attribute of the Centurion.

Other than getting type advantages/disadvantages, the only other useful part I've found of this, is being able to fill up that meter in the bottom left with on element so you can capture a monster.

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Secret - How to use the Emil+Marta combo

You must have the Main element on the elemental grid as Dark and atleast one Light minor element on the grid. Also you cannot have any ally with an element which matches the minor or major elements on the grid.

Example of non working set up.


Minor= Light, Light, Fire, Fire, Water

In your party: Emil, Marta, Genis, Bullfrog

This will not work because Bullfrog will become involved in the attack and ruin the Co Op Attack.

Example of Working set up

Major element = Dark

Minor Element = Light, Light, Dark, Dark, Wind

Party: Emil, Marta, Bullfrog, Wolf

This will work because neither the bullfrog or wolf will get involved and Marta and Emil can do the special.

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Secret - Best strategy for getting a lot of GRADE

Defeating bosses get the most grade, so I would recomend doing S rank quests that you think will have a decent boss, kill it, and get the grade. If you have gone all the way to the last few storyline boss battles, that will be the best way. If you can't do any more quests, fight through the colosseum. You will get grade, possibly level up, and get manuscripts to level up your pets. You will not get much grade per battle, but at least you get something to aim for (the manuscripts, items the enemies dop) instead of just running into the same monsters all the time which will get very boring. Since there is no way to check your grade in this, whenever you think you have enough, fight the last boss(es). That should give you good grade. If you go through the colosseum, tell me which type and rank crossbones (the monster) is in.

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Secret - Where find Pure Silver

Oh good you didn't progress too far then.

Once you complete the Iselia ranch event, do the events in Triet and Triet Ruins.

Once you reach the town of Izood (coastal town) save and head back to Hakonesia Peak. There will be a sidequest you can do there with an old friend (or enemy depending on your view).

Doing this sidequest will leave you without Marta and other human allies during the sidequest but it will reopen the Asgard Stone Dais dungeon and a new area hidden within it.

After he points out a few clues, you can open the door that was locked near the entrance to access the Balacruf Mausoleum, and just outside it you'll see a Goliath.

Be careful though, the enemies here are around 20-30 in lvl so don't get careless.

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Secret - Emil's and Marta's final weapons

Marta's best weapon is Kismet, which you get at Gladshiem, and Nether Traitor for Emil at Twlight Palace...

I think.

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Unlockable - See Kratos Aurion From Tales Of Symphonia The First

(Also Spoilers For 1st Playthrough people)

On Your SECOND Or More Playthrough On Chapter 8 When Everyone Is Saying goodbye To people and You have to see emil's aunt and uncle in Luin Instead go to Tower Of Salvation to see this cutscene and The Final Time Kratos Can Talk to anyone on earth :(

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Secret - Beat Lloyd Mania with 10x Exp

you can beat lloyd on mania with really high lved monsters keep marta and emil alive though and when you win you go to lv 30 O.O P.S. You Need Mania mode and 10x exp on or it shall not work O.O

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