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Secret - Not actually a secret though. But hints to help on playing Dragon Fable.

To start!!!

Hint number one: Do you need some good weapons other than DOOM and DESTINY that you don't need to spend soo many gold? Here's a tip, First go to Necropolis, Second is talk to Artix and if you haven't unlocked the quest ""Artix vs. The Undead"". You must finish the other quests from Artix untill you reach and unlock this quest. Third is by going to this quest and finishing it. On this quest you've finished, You can get yourself (Edgars Blade) and (Paladins Wrath) that is a little different than DOOM and DESTINY weapons but still powerful.

Hint number two: Do you want to win easy Player Versus Player tropihes? Here's a tip, First is go to Aries Battle Spire. Second is by joining a tournament. Third is click your life bar with your character name on the screen. Fourth is find your ""Character I.D"", Memorize it and type it on ""Battle I.D"" and copy it. Battle it and battle yourself!!

(NOTE): If you are a Dragon Amulet Holder, Makesure to unequip your saved items on the Guardian Tower so when you fight yourself it will be easy!!

Hint number three: Do you want to Travel without the Gryphon? Here's a tip, First is click the Travel button on Falconreach. Second is once you are near the Gryphon, Click on the wooden bay near you and while your character is running. Quickly click a place to travel!! And walla!! Your sitting on mid-air without your Gryphon and your moving!!

One last thing: Please rate thumbs-up!!

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Secret - To Defeat Mumragon or Mummified Dragon.

All you need is love!! Heh!! I'm just joking!! Anyway, To defeat Mumragon, All you need to defeat him is a ""DARK"" or as the Vampires say ""DARQ"" weapon that you will use against him or her or it. And it's up to you about getting a DARK weapon, It could be DOOM or DragonCoin DARK weapons or DARK quest rewards weapons. It's REALLY up to you. And to defeat those pesky bugs is by having a ""WIND"" or as the Werewolves say ""WOOOIIINND"" weapon that you will need to beat the hell out of these insects. And as i said a while ago, It's all up to you!! And one more thing, Don't blame me if this help i made DIDN'T work for YOU. If it worked for you. Just simply rate it thumbs-up!!

One more thing. I like pie!! Do you like pie too??

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Secret - The ChickenCow Lord Supremacy Damage Secret (Dragon Amulet only). :)

Hola peepz! :O

Do you guys have Dragon Amulets? Well, i bet some of you have. And i'm asking because if you have one. You can do the secret i'm about to tell. Anyway, here is a secret that i've discovered on DragonFable. And it may come quite helpful to anyone playing DragonFable with Dragon Amulets. Now, here are the steps you need to learn this secret and use it.

First-off. You must have a ChickenCow Lord armor. If you don't have it. You can just buy one at Cysero's DragonCoin shop. Or if your low on DragonCoins. Just go to Amytivale and find the emo girl named Thursday. Do the quest "Crystal Clear Lake". If your lucky enough. You can get the item drop ChickenCow Lord armor for free witout buying it with DragonCoins. Or the other option of going to the 100 Rooms of Doom and quest there. You can get the ChickenCow Lord armor too there. If your lucky & worthy that is.

Ehhhemmm. I was saying. When you've obtained your ChickenCow Lord armor. I'm not actually advising you to wear it just now. But you'll wear it later. Anywho. Here's how the magic starts to amaze you or anyone reading this RIGHT NOW. You want to see MAGIC? :3

Abcourse you do! Lol! XD

Here it goes. Go to Warlic's Zone. Next, go for one of his quest's called "Fetching Fire". Try to finish it untill you get a Dragon Amulet-only Sword fire weapon called "FireBrand" or the Dagger or Staff equivalent. Now once you've obtained the weapon "FireBrand".

Equip your ChickenCow Lord armor and then equip with it your "FireBrand" weapon.

Here's how the MAGIC takes effect. Fight a monster. A very powerful one your having a hard time with. Using your equipped ChickenCow Lord armor and your equipped "FireBrand".

Now, when you battle the specific powerful monster. Don't attack yet. Look closely at your ChickenCow Lord's skill. Look at the right of your screen. Click the skill that causes you to go nutz and hit multiple times.

Watch how the MAGIC takes effect. When your ChickenCow Lord is currently attacking with the skill who hits multiple times. Look closely at the minimum damage your doing (for example: 4-12 damage). It will surprisingly turn that minimum damage into mad crazy damage exceeding "150-200-800 PWNING DAMAGE MANY TIMEZ"! O_o#

Woah! You know why? :P

Well, it's part of the weapon's special of "FireBrand". The special of FireBrand has a small chance of doing instant 1'000 to anything it hits. But when you use it with the ChickenCow Lord armor. Your small chance of doing the special of "FireBrand" is increased dramatically up to 32% for everytime you hit thanks to ChickenCow's secret bonus! Oh yeah. Everytime you do the secret special from the ChickenCow Lord armor using your "FireBrand" you can't do the special maximum damage of 1'000 for some unknown reason. But atleast you can still do 150-200-800 damage per hits sometime! Which spells DOOM to anything you fight! But there is something wrong. Except for fire resistant monsters. "FireBrand" is useless.

(NOTE): And if you say that you know this more than me. Then why didn't you just post first than me eh. Or if you think this is some useless information. Then why the heck did i type this long to contribute eh! And why are you even here in the first place! GEEZ! >:I

One Last Thing.

Ya. If this "Secret" of mine satisfied you and helped you a lot.

Simply Rate Thumbs-Up! :'D

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