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Adventure Quest
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Secret - Like it or not!! You can change your name!! 100% Guaranteed!! Rate it thumbs-up people!!

Here's what you need to do!! First thing you need to do is DIE!! Yes, You must die in battle!! And once you die, Abcourse DEATH will appear and he or she or it will say something. But please, Don't press anything and look ClOSELY at your computer's screen and once YOU are looking. Look down at DEATH'S ghostly feet end tip and find something looking like an ""Hourglass"" or Soda can. And press it. Once you press it, DEATH will say something about the favors you owe him or her or it and go to the quest. Once you are in the quest, Don't flee or escape the battles you will get into. Just keep fighting and stepping at the ""Blue Orbs, Near behind rocks, Treasure chest's, Swirly things"". And i almost forgot, Since this secret is about changing your character's name. All you need to do is just keep going inside those ""Swirly things and BLue Orbs"" and missions and weird stuff will appear before you!! I suggest you keep going inside those ""Swirly things and BLue Orbs"" for like 4 to 6 times. And wait untill you see Twilly!! Yes, You heard it right!! It's Twilly!! Anyway, When you see Twilly and he's saying something about ""Making your character from the very beginning"" just continue with the conversation and wait untill he says that he wants to ""know your name"". And that's it!! Twilly will let you change your name!! Hoooray!! You can change your name!! Hoooray!! And click the button to save!!

A reminder: This quest doesn't pick if your either a Guardian or Adventurer.

One last thing: Rate it thumbs-up.

Another last thing: I like pie!! Do you like pie too??

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