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Pokemon Mystery Dungeon 2: Time and Darkness Expedition Team
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Password - Om groudon te krijgen

om in te typen bij wonder mail

q#9-wq+=c8j%9p&6n82rfh2=groudon leven op tien trap 10
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Unlockable - Wonder mail items & dungeons

Some rare items and dungeons you have yo have by Wonder mail

Unlockable:How to unlock:
Bottomless Sea (Dungeon)FN01HWN-00%F8678+XY@&%#3
Golden Apple (Item)6MNY=J@69TMY2KQ9W3T5#66%
Secret Slab (Item)@JQ@#X-W7KXRPR&#KTK-Y0&H
Mystery Part (Item)5N@==0M-&1TS&@Q-T@%WSWNY
World Abyss (Dungeon)WNWYJXTK&5C14N3-P4NM8KEC
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Unlockable - Wonder mail passwords

heres some passwords insert them after you finished chapter10

Unlockable:How to unlock:
golden seed=+2w 989y 2+-n 5j79 cx#n 8p34
golden mask@qyp sj@- n-j% th6= 4-sk 8p34
lush prairie(needs grass type)cc#n kyfx woyo 9&y2 =yyr @h92
serenity riverknc& pxx2 w59% f=x6 @-6r 2rs7
secret slabtx47 39q2 ttwc w#3q 6mts 6h8t
miracle chestfx19 9p@c w@-x k54q %462 8xt#
crobat joins team8ptk t6&& jykr s4k1 3q#@ 4-3m
dragonite joins teamys+- hw6w hhnt 7&1t kc1q 1n#m
sun stone2#30 0%&f 4k3p kp6h 8k74 q#wm
gold ribbon9#90 j8+& 7qr2 kowy 99nx =qht
charizard joins team5cj8 5ywm 60=5 =p4y =s9m +r73
blastiose joins teamt7&w 0ykq oj&o @f@0 9kp& pp9-
thunder stone2#&@ h4ty 57=j 1frt mw36 9=tk
therethat was a lot
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