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Pokemon Mystery Dungeon 2: Time and Darkness Exploration Team
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Code - Event wondermail

Dungeon Time & Darkness, like other Pokémon games, have several things in-game that you cannot access without an event. However, unlike the main games, you don't necessarily have to go to an event in order to obtain them. There are 8 Dungeons in which you can only get to with the Wonder-Mail Codes and with each dungeon is a special mission. How do you get them, simply put in the codes in the Code Option on the Main Menu. Below is a list of the Dungeons and Missions

can get Legendary Pokémon by this wondermail

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FN01 HWN- 00%F 8678 +XY@ &%#3Bottomless Sea
#&S6 NY2& YJN= 1P57 F0MN MH7YShimmering Desert
4MP= K98# CT%Y R@-- &P7% %K86Mt. Avalanche
FH0T HYNH R0QF 86N8 +SY@ &%YNGiant Volcano
WNWY JXTK &5C1 4N3- P4NM 8K&CThe Great Hole
HW+8 66%T 5S51+J5Y 4-K# H@P-Sky Stairs
X%8S WYY+ S-JF PFH@ @##K 5W8KMysterious Jungle
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