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Cheats - National Dex

Go to the lowest house on Island Two and talk to the man inside. Complete the following tasks to get the corresponding sticker:

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Cheats - Good Starting Party

What you have to do is go through the game until you reach the first pokemon center and have finished the erand for the pokemart guy to Dr. Oak then go to the second floor to where you can trade, battle and other stuff with your friends using game boy advance link cable or wireless adapter and trade your starter to your freind for a rattata or another worthless pokemon.

Turn off the gameboy start a new game get a new starter repeat the trade until you have put 12 starters through (4 Bulbasaurs, 4 Charmanders and 4 Squirtles) then catch 6 worthless pokemon e.g. rattata and trade them for 2 bulbasaurs, 2 charmanders and 2 squirtles put yuor satrter in a computer box and you will have really easy to train nearly ultimate pokemon.

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Cheats - Make A Regular Poke Ball Act Like A Master Ball

make a regular poke ball act like a master ball:

okay, this is quite simple.if you dont want to use your master ball yet, just buy some poke balls. go to whatever pokemon you want to catch, for example i used this for catching arcticuno. Just click on your pokeball and hold down the a button and up at the same time.once the pokeball has landed, let the buttons go. if this doesnt work the first time, try it again. it should work in a couple tries.

My team when i won the elite four:

charizard;level 65;blast burn, flamethrower, slash, cut

raichu;level 59;shock wave,thunderbolt,quick attack, flash

pidgeot;level 59; tackle,wing attack,quick attack,fly

hypno;level 60;headbutt,hypnosis, psychic, dream eater

nidoking;level 59;horn attack, double kick, strength, fury attack

vaporeon;level 62;bite[good for your rivals alakazam],hydro pump,surf,aurora beam

this is a very good team, i just brought along two or three full restores and revives and i beat them pretty nicely and easily.

and if anybody knows how i can get rid of the guy in front of the door at the ruin valley place, please tell me. thanks, and i hope these have helped you out!


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Cheats - Cheat of gyms

Oh, is me powerfull squirtle. Remember the cheat of Develop a strong team I made before Registration?

I'm making It's Gym Guide.


Geodude. Use Squirtle

Onix . Use Squirtle


Staryu . Use Gloom

Starmie. Use Gloom


Voltorb. Use Graveler

Pikachu. Use Graveler

Raichu . Use Graveler


Victreebel. Use any fire pokemon since moltres isn't caught yet... or use kadabra .

Tangela. Do you think I writing again?

Vileplume.Look above.


2Koffing: kadabra

Muk and wezzing: kadabra

Use blastoise that wrecks psychc for sabarina

You know fire is not very effective against H2O

Use Pidgeot and wreck giovanni by fly and steel wing.


Well You can use any party but THE SAME MOVES. except fly for charizard. Fly If you are usin' Moltres.also havin' trouble with cut you can replace golem to tyranitar, forget Tyranitar ROCKTOMB and learn it thunder bolt, then get a grass pkmn that able to learn cut and unwrap it by cut. easy?you can replace Moltres to charizard NOW! (this must be traded, didn't I say squirtle is your starter?!)

By Powerfull Squirtle, The Lover of Squirtle.

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Cheats - Turn poke ball in2 master ball

I used this cheat to catch my mewtwo.It works w/ all types of poke balls (ultra ball=best).hit a+b just b4 releasing poke ball.hit b+select just when poke ball is abot to open(hold both of these rules until the required times)

hope it helps :-) from, ralphy-boy

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Unlockable - How to unlock islands 1-7

How to unlock islands 1-7

Unlockable:How to unlock:
islands 1-3beat Blaine the fire gym leader on cinnabar island and bill will take you to isle 1 after you talk to celio you get access to isle2-3
Island 4-7beat the elite four with over 60 pokemon and then go to isle one and talk to Celio then go to the Mt. on isle one and recover the Ruby (its in the cave that the two rockets were digging beat them and go get the ruby
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Unlockable - Legendary beasts

This is how you get them.

Unlockable:How to unlock:
RaikouWild in Kanto after starter was chosen Squirtle.(National Dex)
EnteiWild in Kanto after starter was chosen Bulbasaur.(National Dex)
SuicuneWild in Kanto after starter was chosen Charmander.(National Dex)
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