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Pokemon Indigo
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Glitch - Catch every time

if there is a pokemon you really want to catch make it faint then press refresh and the pokemon will appear with 0 health and then you can catch it and even better you get the exp. and the money as well as a new pokemon!

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Secret - Any pokemon you want whatever level you want as long as you are strong enough to catch it

(you must have mozilla fire fox and the add on fire bug to do this)you can get fire fox at and firebug at Ok i want to explain how to fin a mew in pokemon you can use the trick on any pokemon but im just going to show you fire fox and log on to pokemon indigo...Then visit map (any map you want) Then open fire bug and go to html now walk on the map find a pokemon now you half to find the number of that pokemon right click on it and press source the number for a green burmy is 412 now look up 412 in the fire bug you half to find this part of the source code hidden" value="NUMBER" name="id_... change number to 151 for mew now change the number under it to the level you want after you edited both click figh and botta bing botta boom you have the pokemon you wanted (to find out the pokemons number look at the top of pokemon indigo there is a pokedex click on it choose youre pokemon and the number will be there) for the video tutoreal go to youtube heres the link

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Glitch - Pokemon with end moves

to do this trick you need a pokemon under lvl 100 i use 99 delete all the attacks in the set up my battle team plase but make sure they have one attack left to damage the other pokemon get that pokemon up a lvl you will have a pokemon with new moves they will be good moves and the moves are the moves that the pokemon learns just say gyarados learns hydro pump at lvl 40 so if you are lvl 40 get up a lvl you have hydro pump

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