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Secret - How to gt the camofllarge suit TOP SECRET!!!!

well go down the main street and u come to a shop called "spyglasses" go inside and click on the man and clik on eye test in order to gt the camoflarge suit.then if he cliks on an E like dat do tha opposite so the E wud be the other way round an d for tha w'su clik the m insted. signe soph the super cheat for poptropica

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Secret - How to defeat Ratman, rock man and betty jetty

For Ratman go passed the guy with the flying rocks get in the bathroom into the sewer, hit a lot of steering wheels until you get to ratman. Be careful going passed the rats. There's another steering wheel that you spin, you'll see bees coming to sting you. Run away from the bees and when you find a wheel spin it and ratman will be knocked out. Go in front of ratman click on him and you'll see your self back at prison. Rock man: go before the bathroom where you beat ratman. Get a hotdog {the hot dog is for the end of super power}. You'll see poping grass get in the middle let the grass pop you up and hit Rock man. Go to Rock man click on him and when you do that your back at prison. Get your flying powers at a phone booth. Go to the top of one of the buildings. You'll see her saying catch me if you can. Fly up as high as you can and when you get up dodge betty jetty's blasts. When you get close to her she'll fall down on to the building. Wait a little bit and you'll see Ned Noodlehed tackle her. when you go to prison they'll say Ned noodlehed has the medallion. If you have the hot dog this is what it is for. Go to the comic shop and ned will say I would trade this Medallion for a hot dog. subscribe join and rate plz! hope you enjoyed my tips

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Secret - Giza Sphinx

Once u get in the sphinx go up a rope. When u get to the blox that fall, go on the girl, the thing with the zigzag under it, the dog with the cane, then the eye with the squigle underneath. Jump up and go up the rope. Go right then I don't know what 2 do. If u know then post it on this website NOW!!:-)

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Secret - Getting the file cabinet open!!

you need to open the over-flowing locker using the combo on the comic. go through the stuff that falls out to get a school blueprint. then you can open the file cabinet by clicking on it.


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Secret - A lot of hints!

Rabbot ears:


Go to the processing room. Get stuck in the trap door at the far right of the

room (do this by clicking enter on the door)You will be in the metal room. Go

down the conveyor belt and jump on the pipes you see there then jump up on the

platform and get the ears.

Catch Crusher:


Crusher should be standing on a car and beside the car is a crane climb up the

yellow thingy and there's the crane. Click the levers and turn the magnet off.

Than come down and climb up to the crane again and turn the magnet on. Then click

on Crusher to handcuff him (go to the scientist to get hand cuffs).

Speeding Spike:


Lead him to the wet spot. Where to find Ratman: Go to the park and go inside the

bathroom and go inside the sewer and use the circle thingys to drain the water and

undrain them with the circle thingys and stay on the left of the sewer and enter

the door.

Time tangled Island:


1.da vinci's notebook is at the time where statue of liberty is built.

2.the small model of the statue is on the top of mount everest.

3.Edmund's goggle are in the aztec time.

4.the phonograph is on the top of the treasury in the acient greece or delphi.

5.ther is two people u hav to talk to. beacuz u hav to talk to a chinese to hav

the amulet and u hav to talk to a person who live in the Mali empire to get

the decleration.

6.on the chimney of a house, the sun stone piece is on top.

7.on lewis and clark's time, u will c a tree ther without leaves climb on it to

the very top even if u will not c a thing ther, that it looks like a choped

down tree on top, stand on top of it and u will hav the stone bowl.

8.the peace medal is in leonardo da vinci's time. every place or time, ther is some thing lost and u will find a thing ther.

Bettey Jettey:


When ur flying around above the skyscraper she will shoot green orb type things

at you avoid them because you can only take 5 hits and when you get hit you fall

back some you get closer by avoiding the orbs she'll slow down when she shoot a

you remeber only 5 hits.

Catch Betty Jetty on poptropica:


First you've got to defeat all the other villains then answer the payphone and

the retired superhero will make you fly then go to the top of the skyscraper and

you will see betty jetty she will fly up fly after her and chase her watch out for

those things she throws down you should soon catch up with her and she will fall

then ned will come and knock her out asnd hey presto you've caught betty jetty.

Also try and meet me i am called nice bubbles and have brown hair with a pink

flower in it i am wearing a blue and orange superhero costume i am nearly always

on poptropica so you don't need to worry about what time to see me thanks for


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