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Secret - Another way to raise Pokemon in the Daycare.

Everyone goes on about how if you go up the middle of Solaceon town and down again your Pokemon will grow loads of levels, but there's another way.

1. Put the two Pokemon that you want to raise up in the Daycare.

2. Fly to Floaroma town.

3. Go West to route 205

4. Surf on the river and follow it East, then North until you reach Fuego Ironworks.

5. Follow the arrows around until you reach one that doesn't send you onto a different arrow.

6. Hold down B and the directional pad and run toward the arrow.

7. Put the DS on charge and weigh the two buttons down.

Leave it on overnight and you're Pokemon will be much higher levelled.

When you run toward the arrow it will send you back to the wall and allow you to run again.


Do not use blue tack (or anything that can get into the DS and jam it up) to hold the buttons down.

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